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The photo appears genuine...so perhaps they do exist.

Rejoice, rejoice!!

Copy and paste from above:

"The 2005 intake feature prominently in junior appointments to frontbench | Main

The mugs are on their way!"

What a poorly framed photo!

All those cups in the foreground are partially blocking our view of the mugs.

Is a mug going to David Cameron? Surely he donates to Conservative Home with its legion of modernisers - Justine Hinchcliffe, Scotty, Changetowin, HF, Malcolm, Jack Stone etc

You nust be a mug to pay £35 for a mug. Wouldn't mind a fiver though. You do have quite a number - may be in a few months they will appear on E Bay!!

Perhaps the next item in the catalogue should be collar stiffeners.

You're all a bunch of cynics! Why not say something nice about them? :)

If I send £35 will Sam buy an Iron. By the way, do you boys own a tie?

Bullingdon Bertie is Chad Noble and I claim my £5. Let's not feed the trolls, folks.

I'm not rising to this bait - trying to make witty remarks about crockery is a mug's game.

I never appreciated how cute the Deputy Editor is. He could post a Conservative leaflet through my letterbox any day!!

Iron or not, Sam Coates is HOT.

What sort of donation would it take for Sam to be photographed in his birthday suit?

Not sure I'd pay £35 for a mug. I think, though, it's fair to say that Sam is a gay icon (Sam, take it as a compliment!). Tim's getting there, too...

Tim, I am very iffy about putting money through on the internet, so please will you take some to Blackpool, and you can have £35, and give me a mug on the spot. Perhaps you should ask for orders first, or it might get silly.

Justin don't be ridiculous. Icons (in the sense deployed by your post) are tragic figures. Sam is not tragic (not obviously so, anyway). You are the one who writes obliquely that you fancy Sam on a public website, which, I would say, makes you the tragic part of the conversation. You're not an icon either. It's ridiculous for gay men to make comments about finding either Tim or Sam attractive and does nothing for our long term integration into society.

Daniel Kawczynski ... ohmygod he's gorgeous. (Swoon). Please can he sign or otherwise lick my mug?

Why all the nice remarks about the lovely Sam? Tim is very handsome, too.

Ooh, two boys with big piles?
Curly was asking if these are more suitable for use in Costa Coffee or better for his 50% extra Nescafe?

I agree, Tim is a handsome chap :)

Looking forward to receiving mine!!

Oh behave Graeme! ;-)

Seriously guys, the picture is an awful lot better than Iain Dale's!

Got mine ta and am currently baptising it with some pinot grigot cos I'm just in and can't be bothered washing up a proper wine glass. Anyone doing anything even more vulgar with theirs?

If I *had* one I would be brewing the post-cat-litter tea in it (ie the tea after doing the litter tray, not some demented Hackney-recycling initiative thing). But as my mug remains a complete *fiction* I'm not. Harrumph. It's like some Twilight Zone episode, everyone gets a mug but me.

Yours is on your way to you Mr A.


Thanks Tim!

Now, if there was a Sam in speedos piccie even i'd send in £35 quid!

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