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The Wars-Goodman partnership is a clever sign that David Cameron is building a balanced ticket.

I remember Paul Goodman's article and think he is an excellent appointment! Also delighted for Justine Greening - very well deserved.

Justine Greening joins the Treasury team.

Hooray! Very glad that this reshuffle is appointing some genuine financial experience to the Treasury team.

There's a lot of good people in the 2005 intake, I really hope Cameron brings in more of them, particularly those who've had serious experience outside of politics - such as Philip Dunne.

Is Nadine Dorries getting anything?

Probably a stupid question, but do we really need so many Whips?

I was thinking the same Malcolm. Maybe to stop another Davies incident.

This is really good news.

Very happy to see Justine’s appointment, first class intellect and a hard worker. Brown has made a mess of the Treasury in his attempt to centralise all control and oversee all domestic policy, reversing this process is going to be a bigger job than most people realise.

Not sure how many whips we've got Malcolm. The government currently have 19 whips in the Commons.

Some good talent promoted here. I hope they manage to seize the news agenda in a positive way from time to time because they are generally positive people who showcase our party in a good light.

Is Boris Johnson getting a job? If he isn't it's surely a sign he's running for mayor.

Haven't heard of most of them but I am not an 'anorak' but do remember Justine Greening's result coming through quite early on Election night and it raised one's spirits so to speak. In that it might not be such a bloody disaster as some of us thought. Also whilst unashamedly sexist, she is good looking which helps in my view.

Good to see Ben Wallace in there,


The government's 19 whips is really over the top, and puts a bad tarnish on our Parliamentary democracy. The ones which I have heard of in this lot are good appointments. Benyon's performances at PMQs lead me to conclude that being a whip might not be the best position for him.

Andrew Bradley needs to visit his optician!

Really pleased to see Paul Goodman's appoimtment. I met him once at a conference. He's an intelligent and genuinly humane man with experience outside politics. Good one !

It's a shame that Graham Stuart didn't get a job in Health given his creation and good work of CHANT.

I am very disappointed that Andrew Pelling MP was not selected as a Junior Minister. I have never seen such a hard working MP. People like Andrew should be rewarded for their hard work and commitment.

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