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Are you going to post the survey before to compare?

The Evening Standard says that Maude will be demoted
Gardening Minister or Minister for pink ties would probably suit him quite well I would have thought.

The appointment of the new Chairman will go along way towards showing whether we are serious about beating Brown.

If it is Spelman, the Leadership cannot have seen ANY of her TV performances in recent years, or at least the same ones as I have.

If she gets it, the Election is lost.

Ben Brogan reports that George Osborne will not be moved

That's that then. Cameron had a chance to do something about one of our fundamental weaknesses, and he's fluffed it.

Osborne could be good in a few years, but he's a boy trying to do a man's job. His immaturity, especially when taunting Brown, is embarrassing.

Whatever happens to the rest, Cameron absolutely has to promote David Ruffley. He has actually done a great job in his role and this should be recognised.

He is an asset to the party and should be utilised to bring a bit of spark back to the Frontbench!

Here's for Ruffley

Caroline would be an inspired appointment and proof that the modernisation project is safe.

Of course we need to reshuffle our top team to correspond to the fact that Gordon Brown has split the home office and the education department and changed the DTI. There are some exciting new names within the party and it will be great to see them on the front bench, like Gove, Vaizey and Nadine Dorries.

With just 25% believing he's up to the job, Francis Maude has to go. There never was, nor I hope ever will be ever again, a more poisonous and divisive person chairing our party.

Spelman would hopefully be more of a unifying influence. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

17.02 and no news here yet. Another broken pledge....

Question: does the reshuffle apply to the kitchen cabinet as well as the shadow cabinet - and if not, will it matter at all who gets which job?

The Liam Fox comment was posted a bit earlier and then taken off again, is the party putting pressure on this site to not reveal the changes too early?

"Announcement of major (dis)appointments promised by 5pm today."

"5pm: Liam Fox to stay in post."

In regards to Liam Fox keeping the Defence brief, I don’t know – a waste of talent, IMO. I’d rather see him in Health, but I guess seeing the party’s direction, that’s a bit much to ask for.

I certainly hope we’ll see the back of Lansley.

Nadine Dorries?!

Got to be a wind up.

A Fan - was that penned by a one Mr Ruffley?

Willets stays - so listening to grass roots then!

Sayeeda Warsi to go to Lords

What a phenomenal waste of a first-class ethnic minority female. She would have graced any front bench with her forceful and persuasive eloquence.

His Grace is bemused.

Glad about Neville-Jones.Nice counter to Browns appointment of Lord Stevens which was about the only inspired choice in the government reshuffle.

Are you getting a place in the Lords Tim?

Grr, should have brought in Boris to Higher Education!

I had thought that Dominic Grieve might be in line for promotion to the Shadow Cabinet - specifically in shadowing Jack Straw at the new Ministry of Justice. I am disappointed to hear that this is not the case.

In terms of keeping Willetts, I’m not sure. To be honest, I don’t think he impressed anyone as Shadow Education Secretary.

As for Nick Herbert, I’m glad to see him in the Shadow Cabinet. Justice should do well for him.

A real shame Maude stays in the Shadow Cabinet. It means he can still sit at the centre of his own poisonous little web and continue to spin against David Cameron and his advisors, as he has done to every leader since 1997.

Maude really should have been banished to the darker side of the moon.

Putting Herbert ahead of Grieve is VERY unfair.

I echo his Grace's comments: what a terrible waste to send Sayeeda Warsi to the Lords at her age. She would have made a fantastic M.P. and I am frankly amazed that she is willing to accept a peerage and all but halt her political career when it has barely started.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones on the other hand is a first class appointment, although I am unclear from the posting - is she also going to the Lords?

Has there been any confirmation as to the Party Chairmanship yet?

Great news about Caroline Spelman. Her style will be go down well with the voters we need to win.

Congratulations to Caroline!

Please tell us that Maude is out.

Caroline is definitely the new Chair(man), Alistair.

Indeed Caroline Spelman always comes across as a nice person but with the ability to organise and do business professionally and thoroughly. I hope she can keep the party modernisers and traditionalists together make us a force to be reckoned with in the country.

Real shame to see Francis go, but I would like to thank him for all the hard work he has done for the Party over the years. I am sure he will continue this in his new role.

Good luck to Caroline. Appointing a moderniser and a female Chair in place certainly sends the message that the process of changing our party so we can serve Britain again has not been knocked off course.

Also good to see Gove and Hunt doing well.

One Nation Tory - I believe it would be requsite for Dame Neville-Jones to be elevated to the Peerage in order to be eligible to sit in the Shadow Cabinet, would it not?

Spelman is not a moderniser.

She is in favour of equal opporunties but that is far as this goes.

She is socially very conservative indeed!

Thanks, Tim. Caroline Spelman would not have been my first choice for Party Chairman, but we shall see how she does...

Appointing Eric Pickles as her replacement is a wise decision, but I don't understand the basis for Owen Paterson's appointment to Northern Ireland. Can anyone enlighten me?

However talented Sayeeda Warsi is, and I'm certain she is, what's the point of having the shadow Communities secretary in the Lords when the real SoS sits in the Commons?

So far Brown seems to be keeping to his word and ensuring key announcements, statements are made to the Commons rather than the media - not much good if the opposition spokesperson sits in another place...

Looks like Dave is making this appointment with an eye to the media rather than parliament - not a great message at this point in time, surely?

"David Willetts and Michael Gove to share schools and skills brief."

If this is confirmed, Willetts has accepted humiliation. He has no principles, charisma or original ideas. Did Cameron not have the guts to sack this liability?

A H Matlock - I would guess that she will be but I don't think that it is constitutionally necessary for a member of the Shadow Cabinet to be a member of either House.

Obviously having the Shadow Home or Foreign Secretaries not being able to put questions to ministers would be incredibly foolish but, given her remit and that she is not exactly going to be putting questions to the relevant ministers from the Lords, it might be possible for her to remain a mere Dame and bide her time...

According to the BBC, "Mr Cameron moved Mr Willetts to shadow John Denham as minister in charge of universities, while Michael Gove will shadow Ed Balls on schools and children." So Willetts and Gove will not be sharing a brief as the Editor reported.

If these are the only changes, Cameron has ducked the opportunity to clear out the under-performers - e.g. Peter Ainsworth and Theresa May.

I agree with Liberal Tory. How is Sayeeda Warsi supposed to shadow the Blears when the SoS is in the Commons?

Frankly I think Warsi is what civil servants might call a 'brave' appointment. I remember her causing not inconsiderable embarassment at the last general.....

I’m glad to see Osborne is staying in place. Very glad, actually. I also think Cameron is making the right move to keep Davis in place.

However, I really wonder about Hague. Lots of Conservatives love him, but really, isn’t he better suited to the backbenches? He’s far too involved with his own business interests. He does really seem to be a part-time Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Well I suppose with Hague, Davis and Osborne staying put, they can at least claim to understand their respective briefs better than their novice opposite numbers.

Vote Tory, for erm... no change, really.

I'm surprised Peter Ainsworth has remained in place(if he has). Could do with someone who can achieve a higher profile in this role.

Although I rate Nick Herbert, I thought Dominic Grieve had done enough to get the Justice role. Good to see Give and Hunt in the cabinet.

Dominic Grieve's brave stand on grammar schools may have cost him a place in the shadow cabinet. I hope that he gets the promotion that he deserves. Sadly, given the vindinctive bunker mentality in CCHQ, he is more likely to be sacked or demoted.

I'm not sure that the BBC are right about Sayeeda Warsi - she's described by the Editor here as taking charge of community relations and NOT being the Shadow SoS for Communities. I'd point out that Blears' portfolio is Communities and Local Govt - i.e. the job previously shadowed by Caroline Spelman and now apparently shadowed by Eric Pickles. Pickles was, IIRC, already the shadow local government minister (a non-cabinet post), reporting to Spelman. Has DC decided to split that department (from the Opposition benches)?
I also wonder if Sayeeda Warsi's elevation is a reflection of the fact that she hasn't yet been selected for a Yorkshire marginal?

Hunt is very impressive. A first class degree from Oxford which he got through only moderately hard work but mainly considerable intelligence (unlike DC who worked fanatically hard when not out with his elitist chums at the Bullingdon); a successful entrepreneur who has built up his own substantial business from scratch and someone who has turned a marginal seat into a much safer one. What a contrast to all the ghastly political obsessives with no real achievement to their name...We need more people like this who have proven they can actually run something!

This isn't very interesting and rightly so.

Dave is spot on to keep people in the senior Shadow jobs for a consistent period , rather than the pointless shuffling about that Labour has undertaken in the last 2 to 3 years. The greater experience of the Shadows versus the actual Cabinet Ministers can only help us.

Calling the Chairman Chair is one bit of "modernisation" we can do without, changetowin (just like running separate words together I guess).

PLEASE PLEASE do not let this site lead the way in calling the Party Chairman anything other than Party Chairman. Does anyone have to hand a copy of the Party Rules where this role is defined? - I hope to God that makes it clear that it is Chairman so we can correct any miscreants on grounds of strict accuracy as well as proper respect for conservative use of English.

On these grounds, if possibly not others, it may be encouraging that Spelman is alleged to be socially conservative.

"6pm: Sayeeda Warsi is going to the Lords, Neville-Jones is not."

Not helping the BBC's credibility, as they specifically state that both will take peerages (as at 18.11 - although doubtless they'll change the page when they read Tim's post!).

Spot on, Londoner! A chair is to be sat on.

Caroline Spelman is a social conservative. She shares many of the Editor's "Christian Right" views.

Nick Herbert's promotion is well deserved. He has shown that CCHQ (who wanted a woman candidate) was wrong to try to block his selection in Arundel and South Downs.

Sayeeda Warsi

What has this woman done (other than lose a parliamentary election) to justify her star prize in the lottery?

The news that Maude has been removed as Chairman is fantastic. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

A pity he remains in the shadow cabinet.

Maybe if Rehman Chishti had bided his time he too could have been given a tokenistic life peerage! If Sayeeda is THAT good surely she could have been selected for a seat? I am not sure she necessarily deserves a peerage ahead of many others in the queue although at least she stood for the Party at the last election :)

So Willetts and Gove will not be sharing a brief as the Editor reported."

They will be sharing the former education brief to match Brown's splitting of it into two.

James, the BBC website says "Sayeeda Warsi is shadow communities secretary" - OK, maybe not the most reliable source, but still - even if not her exact title, isn't that how she'll be perceieved?

In any case, if she's in the shadow cabinet, she needs to be a shadow secretary of state for something; if she's in a junior role in (say) Eric Pickles's team, then she shouldn't be in the shadow cabinet - the top team should be as streamlined as possible.

The point is, Neville-Jones in the Lords is fine because she's shadowing someone who is in the Lords. Who is Warsi shadowing?

Nothing for Ed Vaizey?

Nick Herbert, Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove are excellent promotions. Very well deserved.

I wonder if Theresa Villiers will remain Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury?

Largely a massively wasted opportunity, Eric Pickles being given back Local Govt, being the only glaring exception to that. To have left Hague and Osborne as they were is plainly a mistake perpetrated for all of the wrong reasons.

Cameron has just sacked one of his closest friends from the Shadow Cabinet.

He obviously has a ruthless streak.

Largely a massively wasted opportunity, Eric Pickles being given back Local Govt, being the only glaring exception to that. To have left Hague and Osborne as they were is plainly a mistake perpetrated for all of the wrong reasons.

Gay organisations criticised Warsi for homophobic comments in her election literature at the last general election.

Warsi claimed that the scrapping of Section 28 and equalising the age of consent had allowed children to be "propositioned" for gay sex. She added that homosexuality “undermines family life" and that she would fight to end the “promotion of homosexuality.”

Can you imagine a losing white male candidate making such remarks and getting a Peerage and frontbench job within two years?

This is another example of Cameroon racism, sexism and double standards.

I can't believe Hague is getting MORE responsibility. Shadow Foreign Sec, Shadow Minister for Leeds & Bradford, Head of the Northern Board, and then all his extra-curricular activities - what else is he going to be (supposed to be) doing?

I know very little of Sayeeda Warsi, but it does seem a bit odd that she would accept a peerage at her young age and therefore abandon her ambition to be elected to the Commons. I don't mean to indulge in unhelpful speculation, but it is difficult to read this in any way other than a conclusion being drawn that she was unlikely to reach Parliament via electorate.

Hopefully nothing for Ed Vaizey! Can someone enlighten me about this site and other people's keenness for him? Yes, he is good on TV and yes he is a good networker (which is probably how he got into parliament). But where is the substance? What has he done in life - except get into parliament? Respecting the editor's rules means that I need to stop there.....

This is another example of Cameroon racism, sexism and double standards.

Can we please hear a justification of this shocking homophobia? Step forward the usual suspects?

We have heard of a number of Tory councillors being victimised for making gaysceptic statements which would once have been taken for granted. Why is it wrong if you're white but OK if you're an Asian?

Answers on a postcard please...

Warsi also said something like Kashmiri terrorists should be exempt from banned terrorists groups!


I saw her on Question Time and it was obvious the kid was totally out of her depth.

Labour have filled the Lords with ethnic female peers so I suppose 'Heir to Blair' feels the urge to copycat.

I can read this guy like a book.

I hope that out of all this we get a good communicator- in the age of soundbites it is essential that we get our message across simply and concisely- and repeated endlessly! Fluffy talk just will not do any longer. We must have a powerful and effective answer to the Brown Spin Machine.

I’m very disappointed to hear about Alan Duncan and Andrew Lansley. In my opinion, Duncan should be promoted and Lansley should be out of the Shadow Cabinet. A missed opportunity here…

And we can read you like a book, Mike Smith (ex-Monday Club, ex-UKIP).

Paul D wrote "I can't believe Hague is getting MORE responsibility. Shadow Foreign Sec, Shadow Minister for Leeds & Bradford, Head of the Northern Board, and then all his extra-curricular activities - what else is he going to be (supposed to be) doing?"

I suppose fathering children is out of the question. The lovely Ffion must be feeling neglected!

but the whole thing is copycat. No doubt (like airline taxation), he and Hilton thought that they had better respond to brown's approach of using external experts so came up with something in a hurry....It is all so sad and so predictable

I make no particular secret of my identity, 'UKIP Spotter'.

Who are you, I wonder.

So Mr Smith, if you admit who you are then why don't you post under your own name?

Possibly, UKIP spotter, because the post at 18.59. was not made by me.

I haven't disclosed my identity to anybody not that it is of any relevance whatsoever.

I suspect your friend Mr Smith is winding you up.

Is there any news on who will replace Nick Herbet as Shadow Minister for Police Reform? Or will the post be made obsolete?

Does Oliver Letwin retain responsibility for policy coordination?

With Nick Herbert taking on the Justice portfolio, is there any news on the fate of Oliver Heald?

Spelman - what a disaster - lasciare ogni speranza.

I think what would be a good idea is a debate about the quality of our MP's, I am very worried.

"I know very little of Sayeeda Warsi, but it does seem a bit odd that she would accept a peerage at her young age and therefore abandon her ambition to be elected to the Commons. I don't mean to indulge in unhelpful speculation, but it is difficult to read this in any way other than a conclusion being drawn that she was unlikely to reach Parliament via electorate".

You are absolutely right. The Tory party will only be able to address the problem with their grassroots by bringing in minorities through the back door. The fact is, 3-4% of Tory voters will not vote for a non-white Tory and so putting minorities in marginal seats is a risk. also with so few safe seats and and even fewer willing to take a non-white candidate (Witham exception), the party has finally woken up to the fact that for all the talk, the Tiries cannot address the root ills of theie party and members.

Its sad that Ms Warsi has accepted this because it will be seen in her communities as nothing more than a token gesture.

Caroline Spelman could prove to be the Vasily Livanov of this shuffle.

Remember the seagulls beat the lions at their own game. Let's hear it for an end to bald right-wing nutters!

I am sorry to hear of Oliver Heald's (hopefully temporary) front-bench demise. I thought he would probably be moved (although, to be honest, I was hoping that Dominic Grieve might get the Justice portfolio) but, for what my opinion is worth, I don't think that he deserved the chop.

There are amongst the survivors/promoted those to whom I feel somewhat less charitably inclined...

I quite like Hugo Swire, for all that he has apparently achieved nothing in his culture/media/sport brief. Having said that, I don't know that he could do much in the most worthless frontbench post. I hope this Hunt man is good.

Hague seems to have too much on his plate. Perhaps not, but.

Sayeeda Warsi looks a token in the wards. It always seems strange to me that the Tories do badly amongst ethnic minority groups who are often solidly socially conservative. She might lose us 3-4% of our vote, but would she not pick up a few votes another Tory wouldn't get in the right place? I don't know much about her - I hope she isn't too able because we don't want any genuinely able "ethnic" (horrible word) candidates shunted off to the lords.

It seems to me the Warsi appointment deserves more scrutiny. She has some major positive achievements under her belt, but I'm disturbed by the appointment.

Let's first set out the positives - she's a very successful self-made woman whose background is in many ways classic post-1979 Tory, she has been prepared to give up a substantial salary in order to enter public service. Furthermore, she has done yeoman work (so to speak) in opposing forced marriage.

But that's only one side of the story. Certainly there's her stance on gays, but frankly that's fairly small beer. I'm concerned about her general approach to the issues that are subsumed under the heading of "communities". If you take the view - and I do - that the government's willingness to coddle groups such as the MCB and, worse, the MAB was misplaced, then it seems to me that Warsi is likely to be even worse than the current government stance. She has argued for a policy of engagement as though the extremists were Sinn Fein or somesuch that seems to go far beyond keeping Muslim moderates and secularists on side. She has also made a number of statements on Iraq that seem to me gravely misplaced (especially coming from a Tory) in which she comes pretty close to equating Coalition military operations with Islamic suicide bombing.

Is this someone we want heading up Tory efforts in this area? In spite of her undoubted strengths, I'd argue not. First off, her stance regarding engaging extremism seems to me to be off base. Second, it seems to me that one need not be a supporter of the Iraq War in order to find her moral judgements regarding the conflict skewed and perverse. All in all, I'm seriously concerned that putting her in charge of the effort is going to see a return to the worst practices of the bad old days.

I'm open to contrary arguments on this, however.

"Caroline Spelman could prove to be the Vasily Livanov of this shuffle. Remember the seagulls beat the lions at their own game. Let's hear it for an end to bald right-wing nutters!"

Hi Bryan.

Would you like to translate that into meaningful English?

Glad to see that the dedicated posters on this site are being as supportive and optimistic as ever.

Some of you guys seem to have it in for any Conservative who dosen't fit you're exact fantasy of what they should be. That or you're just masochists who preferred it when we were losing.

I think Sayeeda is a fascinating appointment, I'm only slightly disspointed because I wanted to see her in the Commons. I have never been overwhelmed by Carolie Spellman but am confident that DC has a much better idea of her talents than I do.

Cameron is obviously discovering that it is not easy to shuffle a deck that contains so many jokers and low denomination cards.

Still, it is not as if it really makes any difference.

Ive never heard of Sayeeeda Warsi which shows how much shes acheived. Pity they didnt sack Osborne. He's pathetic.

As the Daily Telegraph stated, George Osborne may be shadow chancellor, but he has always seemed a figure of such utter inconsequence that it was hardly worth cutting down trees and expending ink in order to discuss him.

Maude has rightly been removed which is welcome as is Caroline Spelman's appointment.

Gove v Balls will be a good battle and its the best move in the whole re-shuffle. Grayling will be good at pensions - besides that it looks pretty much the same.

Warsi isn't an expert on anything except standing behind cameron at all ethnic events and should have tried for a few more years to get a seat and learn the ropes.

Perhaps John Redwood will finally realise that he will not get a job from Dave and stop his sychophantic nonsense.

No Downsize the fact that you've never heard of Sayeed says more about you than anything else.
Early thoughts. We've replaced one poor media performer as Chairman with another. Hopefully Caroline can polish up her act a bit on TV in the coming months.
I'm glad that we have Pauline Neville Jones to counter Lord Stevens ,there should be some thoughtful debates in the Lords on security which will make a nice change from the outrageous posturing opf John Reid.
David Willets is very lucky to still have a job. On the whole though I'm glad that Cameron left most people in place, let's hope they have an opportunity to use the experience most will have gained in the last 12 months.

Just to remind everyone - John Reid has retired. Hurrah!

Incidentally, Ruth Kelly will make mincemeat out of Theresa Villiers.

"David Willets is very lucky to still have a job."

Almost as lucky as David Cameron, old boy!

At least Willets has a chance of a cabinet career beyond the next general election...

In my opinion I like the reshuffle, Sayeeda Warsi is excellent, I like What I have seen of Spelman, Neville-Jones is ok. Personally (admittedly based on one TV appearance) I would have put Adam Afriyie on the front bench as when I saw him he came across as no nonsense and a bit maverick. Regardless the shadow cabinet certainly has a better look about it than Gordon's Geeks and Freaks Cabinet.

If I were Cameron I would now spend time on improving the Party's appearances on Telivision, frankly I see far too much of Conservative spokesman lamely getting shouted down by Labour Ministers and failing to make their point because of this, there is also far too much of letting Labour's on message spin stand, People know Labour are liars and at every single opportunity it is up to the opposition to doubt the credibility of a word that comes out of a Minister's mouth as well as rebut the formulaic spin attacking Cameron and the party.

Good to see Jeremy Hunt promoted for the reasons given by Frank Aylesford and the fact that he is my local MP.

So Flashman has maintained Molesworth as the Shadow Chancellor. More shadow than chancellor, as anyone can see. This was the squeaky little chap who was advocating a low flat tax until Flashman told him to shut up. As for Maude, hanging around like some broken ghoul, he is simply the golem to that defeatist magus, Portillo. Spelman? A weedy nonentity. Lansley? Utterly mediocre. To be fair, there simply isn't the authority or the talent or the flair in today's Tory party. The much touted Boris is a cowardly buffoon, hiding from genuine controversy behind a persona which owes too much to Bertie Wooster and Frank Muir. The moment something serious is discussed, his involvement in the discussion grates and annoys. They should appoint tory spokesmen exclusively from the lords until electoral fortunes supply a better quality of MP. This lot are a sad, squabbling, self-defeating shower. The essence of their latest wheeze is to hide what remains of their convictions in the hopes that this will give them office. They are too eunuchoid to hope for power.

Sayeeda Warsi's elevation is just extremely distasteful and opportunistic tokenism at its absolute worst. The fact that Sayeeda Warsi also seems to be possessed of what are, frankly, wholly unacceptable views that would quite rightly not be tolerated if she were a white male makes this appointment all the more repugnantly hypocritical.

Actually, Hunt was as much an elitist as Cameron: he's a Carthusian. And, as he has told a number of interviewers, he worked his very balls off at Magdalen to get a First.

He also made this seat safe running on a rather different platform to the one he now supports (having recently converted to Liberal Conservatism). His vastly increased majority was a product of Howard's relatively vigorous right-wing campaign, and the departure of wet old Bottomley.

hmmm - a bit sensitive are we?? Please note that being a member of the Bullingdon is a mark of elitism; going to private school is not.

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