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A well deserved tribute! For the Sun to have said that the Tories have carved out “vote-winning territory beyond the reach of New Labour” screams success. Thank you Nick.

A frightening capable PR man, glad he's on our side.


Wouldn't mind hiring him for business. He's got the mojo. Could do with a haircut.

Nick is a great 'trainer' as well as media man. His insight into the parliamentary selection process was really helpful to me.

I have to concur that the media management around this report has led to a far better reception than the interim reports (including that of the SJPG!) enjoyed.

I hope that the other policy groups are learning from this, too - I have argued previously that they needed better support and staffwork on communications for these big events. I hope the other groups are bringing in serious support for their report launches too. The policy groups were intended to be at arm's reach, and in that context the use of Nick Wood and MIP probably lent the media operation more credibilty than if they were operating entirely through CCHQ staffers.

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