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Platform 10 sounds like Platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter. Perhaps you go to Platform 10 to go to a fantasy land where David Cameron is always right!

Will I be welcome at the Hilton?

I know you are too polite to say so but this clearly won't work. the whol point of Conservative Home is it fills a niche (a la the Long tail)

There are more than enough outlets already for official party outlooks.

Great news. Perhaps we will not get the racism and homophobia on that site that we regularly get on this!

Homophobia - good word, Jack.

It will certainly be an interesting idea...

I must say, at times I really do despair at the views held by some on this website and wonder whether it really is what the majority of core voters believe, or rather a minority of very vocal members.

I'll be looking forward to this. I very much hope it will allow all strands of Conservative opinion to appear as this site does.

LabourHome is dull because it's controlled by someone who wants to be an MP. This will only work if they have the courage to criticize the party leadership when necessary.

We should be under no illusions here.
The main aim of this initiative is to destroy conservativehome.
CCHQ hates the fact it cannot control what goes on here.
Hilton will give all stories to this new site in a bid to make it competitive.
It will be a fascinating battle.

This is good news. I've been wondering out loud for some time where CameroonHome was, and Fiona is exactly the right person. A broader (and less UKIP-raided) blogosphere is good for everyone. But does this mean we lose our old friends Blueparrot/Ack Stone/Changethewhinge etc?

Of course this could degenerate into an Oasis vs Blur style feud with each side launching singles at the same time in a race to Number One. Presumably Platform 10 is Blur ("Country House") which means CH must be Oasis. Poor old Tim - he'll have to stop shaving and learn some swear words.....

What a joke. Everyone knows that this is a leadership-controlled operation. So what happens if Fiona says something controversial? The media will jump all over it and claim it reflects Steve Hilton's thinking.

We all know that the content of ConHome is (obviously) not officially approved but it still gets cited as a way of embarrassing the Party. Platform 10 will be in a much more invidious position - seen as the mouthpiece of the Cameron inner circle - which means it simply won't be able to host lively and genuine debate. It will end up being little different in content terms to the Party's own website.

There used to be a Tory modernising pressure group attached to Policy Exchange called CChange, run by Dougie Smith (now Cameron's speech writer). It said some controversial things but that's because it was, at the time, attacking the Party leadership for not modernising fast enough.

The whole thing is a waste of time and money.

Dougie Smith was certainly controversial and not just for his modernising views. He used to run upmarket orgies.

Somehow I doubt Fiona Melville will be as radical!

The honesty of the blogosphere is its appeal. A Cameroonian blog would not be without interest, but if it comes across as party line, it will really be an extension of conservatives.com.

Maybe they want a blog for the media to quote, as the open house rabble of CH (us lot) is often misrepresented as the party line.

The ConservativeHome world view! More like the outlook expected from the typical Association Chairman. We need an alternative that better reflects the views of Conservative members and voters.

What does that mean Bill?

Ed, you should delete Jack's smear...

Would it be naive to suggest that MAYBE they are more interested in feedback, tnan getting across a 'message'.

There's a certain value to free speech Pisaboy. The concepts of racism and homophobia are themselves lefty inventions used to shut down debate in difficult areas. Also Jack 'under the' Stone only does it to annoy and feel important. You don't need to help him feel a bit taller by reacting.

Patsy: Would it be naive to suggest that MAYBE they are more interested in feedback, tnan getting across a 'message'.

No idea, but I expect you're right. The only way to find out their approach to feedback for certain will be to provide them with lots of it.

Jack:Perhaps we will not get the racism and homophobia on that site that we regularly get on this!

Shouldn't that be "omopobia" Jack?

Perhaps we will not get the racism and homophobia on that site that we regularly get on this!

Perhaps they won't get left-wing people spreading lies and smears


Tradition has it that Queen Boadicea is buried under Platform Ten at King's Cross Station. I hope this new blog will uphold her tradition of defiance and hostility to an overbearing European superstate.

ConservativeHome is feared by the leadership for the role it played in publishing the Alist and in championing grassroots opposition to the grammar schools policy. They also hate the monthly survey whic shows how many activists are unhappy with the direction of the party. You must not be cowed into submission Mr Editor!

The Editor has overwritten my comment that contained a fact and an observation about CCHQ. He has just proved that Conservative Home is now kowtowing CCHQ.

Utterly pathetic! Get stuffed!

I overwrote your comment TFA Tory because you made an allegation about an individual that was personal and unsubstantiated. This site does not kowtow to CCHQ but does not want personalisation of debate.

I'm going to leave Jack Stone's comment up, Pisaboy although I don't think it's fair what he said. I warn everyone that I will delete racist, homophobic or otherwise personally mean-spirited posts.

Is that an acknowledgement that WebCameron is failing in its purpose?

Lets see what the quality of CameroonHome output is prior to judging.

Editor, I did not make an allegation. I used the word "perhaps" in guessing about why Ms`Melville left the Party two months ago after being deeply involved in David Cameron's leadership campaign.

The reason would have to have been very significant, e.g. career blighted in some way. I think that we should be told.

You must admit that it is odd that an ex-member, recently resigned, is starting a new Conservative blog with the encouragement of Steve Hilton.

I don't think Tim Sam and co have too much to fear from the development. Any blog that comes from CCHQ will seek to control input and output (the media will have a field day otherwise). It will probably be interesting but not a place for real debate.

If the Cameroons want to visit another site (and spend less time here?), fair enough. As a traditional Tory however I'll stick to conservativehome even if I am still coming to terms with the new design.

I am bemused by those that consider the CH site to be dominated by those who are unrepresentative of mainstream Conservative opinion, not having been aware that there was any restriction on who participates (after all, I got let in!). If there are "genuine" grassroots folk out there who want to flood the site with their views, then don't be shy about pitching in.

Those who hope that the new site will not be visited by swivel-eyed nutters, etc, must be presuming that it will be moderated to filter out dissidents' postings. Even if not, the risk is that it will be populated by those who just want to indulge in a mutually reinforcing, self-congratulaTory closed circle. I just popped in to look at Labourhome and that seems to be its predominant style (disregarding the differing political stances, of course).

The value of ConHome is that it has contrasting viewpoints. I'm a wannabe Tory voter - though not yet convinced - and appreciate the fact that discussion crystallizes my viewpoint on various topics and in some cases causes me to modify it. Nothing has so far changed my view that EU and WLQ are overarching subjects but I feel less of a weirdo in these respects since viewing the Direct Democracy website!

Vive ConservativeHome!

Can I suggest the new site becomes known "affectionately" as "Hiltonhome" ?!

The more the merrier. The internet is the home of "noise" and "focal points". My guess is that Platform Ten will become part of the noise, but then that would have been my guess about Iain Dale two years ago as well. These sort of web-sites have to provide some point of interest to get them going. It seems to me that ConservativeHome managed to achieve focal point status because there were many strands of concern about Cameron's approach, and people found it useful to have a place to express that, and then those with less complaint found it interesting to gainsay the naysayers. What will be the point of interest of Platform Ten that will mean people will want to go there to debate? That remains to be seen...

Otherwise to be called "Pravda" as it was known in the Soviet Union !

When the views of people on this site are quoted by the partys opponents to damage the party that is when those who do not follow the right-wing views so often posted on this site need a site where they can express there support of the partys leadership and show that there are many in the party who support David Cameroon and the change he is trying to make to the party.
I suspect that the main differance to the two sites is that the new site will be for people who want to win and this site will be for those who clearly don`t.

It might be better to wait and see what the new blog is like before diving in to criticise it.
In my view blogs only really work if they allow genuine debate on their sites.I'm sure the people behind they new blog must already be aware of that.

If this is a direct attempt to provide a pro-Cameron website, it will fail. Nobody wants to read press releases - they want debate. If, however, it is a forum for debate with a different editorial line to ConservativeHome, then it should be welcomed.

If, as is the case, nobody yet knows how it will turn out, it may be sensible to wait and see instead of dismissing it out-of-hand.

You want to win at all costs Jack. Some of us are conservatives and want it to be worth winning.

I have known Steve Hilton since the late 1980s (he still had hair then) and he's quite a clever cookie - I suspect he'll realise as well as any of us what works, and what doesn't work, in the blogosphere. (His political judgement may be a bit less certain, but let's wait until the site surfaces for that particular line of denunciation.)

Meanwhile, and more to the point, how long do we have to wait to tuck into Boris?

the main differance to the two sites

To Jack Stone, 14:46 - are you genuinely saying that the Conservative Party could say literally anything - e.g. espousing public ownership of the means of production, or the means of distribution, or at least the public distribution of man-eating badgers in Basra - and you'd stick by it?

I never understand that, not least, since absolutely none of the major 'icons' of the Party ever took that position.

Meanwhile, I am as tribal as the rest of you; I'll vote for the party that best represents my views, and do my best to rip the [figurative] jugulars out of those in my own party who ensure that my views remain unrepresented. It's a clear, public, proud and open stance. Why on earth should I want a party that doesn't represent anything I care about to win anything?

It is true what some have said – there are lots of people attacking the plans, yet no one knows what Platform Ten will actually turn out to be like...

I agree with what Andrew S and others say. We should wait and see what Platform 10 brings...

Agree with Jack Stone. When this site is good, it's very good but when it's bad...

I don't know why we are letting up on Cameron just as we have him at our mercy: he's still out to screw us, us proper tories, big time.
This is a classic example.
You just watch the cameroons chip away at our party under the surface. All those leftie a-listers, that have been selected to fight at the next election, they're going to be around for years buggering up any efforts at Total Conservatism.
We've got to get rid of him, and quick, while we can and before he resurfaces properly, and permanently damages the party.

anonymous, I don't think it's fair to say the A Listers are all lefties. There was a range of political views, and one or two pretty extreme right wingers if you scratch the surface.

If the Cameroons have their way there won't be a dry eye in the House; it'll be full of wets.

"If the Cameroons have their way ... it'll be full of wets."

There's the explanation of Umbrella Man's handle!!

Correct me if I'm wrong, Tim, but I don't think you're the type to fear a bit of competition. It seems to me that you have a bigger agenda in mind than just conservativehome... something about completely changing the way people and politicians relate... so I'd think that this new blog is a very interesting and traffic-stimulating development.

Agree Labourhome is a pointless visit because its a Labour Party billboard.If u can't have a really good rant what's the purpose of a blog?
'I thought David was superb at PMQ's today' 'Only superb I thought he was better than that' I can't believe there's a market for that sort of stuff, for any party.

Lest wait and see. Although I get frustrated by ConHome, I agree with Justin, that when its good its very good but it can be awful as well at times. Its the negativeness for the sake of it posts on many threads and the head banging anti-DC stuff for the sake of it, that grinds sometimes. It has been better recently, getting about the right balance. I really do not want a sterilised site and do want debate though. I hope that the effect of Platform 10 is not that ConHome goes more "right wing" in reaction, otherwise things will not progress,


CH allows a vast plethora of opinion to be written and propogates a varied and panoramic view of today's Conservative Party, whether material be supplied by Members or MP's.

Minded of this, what would be the benefit of creating a parallel site, other than to allow censorship of some kind?

DC would be better advised if he were to take an active and regalar part in CH and appreciate that it fully champions the independent and original thought streams which are afterall, the bedrock of Conservatism. He really would be seen to be a 'big' person if he could run the grassroots gauntlet and make it work for him.

The debate on WebCameron has a minimum of moderation, so I don't know why so many people are assuming this new project wouldn't allow any form of debate or dissent.

So why try to replicate CH then Alex?

I suspect that the main differance to the two sites is that the new site will be for people who want to win and this site will be for those who clearly don`t.

Congratulations Editor ! The idea of creating another site for Jack Stone to use as a romper-room is inspired

What I meant Policy Dog, is that although Platform 10's editorial stance will obviously be more pro-Cameron than CH, doesn't mean alternative views will be forbidden. Just as Tim is happy for Cameron diehards to post here, there's no reason why P10 wouldn't allow strong, intelligent opposition.
In any case, it sounds like mere speculation that they are trying to 'replicate CH'.

Jack Stone - Great news. Perhaps we will not get the racism and homophobia on that site that we regularly get on this!

Yes great news Jack. CH will lose a tedious troll. Platform 10, which is going to be as boring as hell with all the Roons crying on each other's shoulders will be in dire need of a dyslexic mascot/resident buffoon.

Sadly I'm guessing that before long you will be slinking back with your tail between your legs.

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