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It will call for people from ethnic minority backgrounds to be respected as individual citizens rather than as members of groups.

The indigenous population would appreciate this too instead of being denigrated as White British

What is national cohesion ? Might it be that a large cross-section of the population is alienated in this society, but only one subsection of the frustrated and alienated has so far resorted to terrorist acts ?

Will the EU let us control our borders?

Today's Telegraph reports Government advisers as urging a homeland defence force, i.e. a civil emergencies force with teeth.
Is that Lab stealing Tory ideas?

IMO in the post Cold War era both Tory and Labour governments foolishly drew a "peace divdend" instead of ensuring that our defence and security services were properly maintained and focussed.

As both the EU and immigration are no-go areas for Conservative leaders and have been for many years I doubt that anything serious will be proposed.
Nearly every policy area is affected by these two howling mistakes and even now a failure to be open about them because their ramifications affect all policy areas.
The proposals as outlined above seem to be bureaucratic reorganization rather than attempts to address the fundamental policy issues.
Just to raise three-
Is it realistic to put forward security measures when the party is quite happy for the EU to intrude in this vital area of asylum and immigration?
Will there be an explicit commitment to leave the Convention on Human Rights and the Convention on Refugees?
Why is there no commitment to bar all further immigration of MUslims and to start the necessary repatriation programme? At present British politicians are allowing the problem to grow daily and appear to be hoping that the threat will go away as they exercise their self-perceived charm on the muslims-most of whom are moderates-. It has yet to be explained therefore why Britain should be exempted from the daily attacks going on in the Phillipines,Thailand, India,Iraq,Afghanistan,Russia,etc.
In these circumstances is not a country'mad' to allow a further daily influx of MUslims?At least the countries mentioned above do not.

I listened to Dame Pauline Neville-Jones interviewed on the Today programme this morning. I thought she came across very well, and sensibly suggested that we should have troops here to defend Great Britain.

One hopes that Gordon Brown will not be tempted to steal Dame Pauline Neville-Jones clothes in the same fashion as he has with David Cameron.....oops

It will call for people from ethnic minority backgrounds to be respected as individual citizens rather than as members of groups.

Let us hope that members of certain groups will reciprocate by shedding their apparent aversion to individually loudly decrying acts of terror. This would be the largest advance for security in this country!

Ken Stevens:

From what I understand that border control is dealt with by the Schengen Agreement (1985). This allows people to cross borders between around thirty European countries freely.

However, the UK (& Ireland) only have limited membership and retain border control.

Details here:


Whether there is anything specific to the EU, in the latest treaty for example that changes this.

John Leonard | July 26, 13:25

Ta for that. Have to keep an eye on whether revised Treatystution slips us under Schengen!

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