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That's "Dame Pauline" to you, Tim!

I will be interested to see how handles her transition from respected specialist to front-line politician of the first rank.

taking ownership of communities and the Union Flag

"Ownership" ? !!!

You mean like this ?

Skinhead UnionFlag

TomTom ROFLMAO!!!!

taking ownership

Yuk!!! What next?

Empowerment? Customer focus? Walk the talk?

My fault Alex, I've amended it now!

I bet you loved "The Office", Traditional Tory...

Andrew, it is more like "The Thick of It" than "The Office"!

I bet you loved "The Office", Traditional Tory...

I used to find it quite amusing but my wife hated it and used to kick up such a fuss that eventually I stopped bothering to watch it.

I used to work with somebody like the Ricky Gervaise character. He ended up with a nervous breakdown and became a transvestite.

There seems to be some question marks re Warsi and comments supporting radicals.
Have we scored yet another own goal.

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