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Bit of a loaded survey with "Very Satisfied" appearing at each end of the scale....obviously the poll-designer is "on-message"

I'm not normally accused of that, TomTom!

Er... I think that Tomtom means there is a mistake in that very satisfied appeared twice in the Cabinet ratings scale.

Seriously, it needs to be amended - I can't be the only person who wants to give 'very dissatifed' to a couple of these chumps!

Just an idea but...why don't you shell out for an easy to remember URL (even one like 'conservativehomesurvey.com - presently available at 8.99 a year...)and repoint the URL to your current Surveymonkey URL?

I use Surveymonkey and find that the meagre investment makes a survey think just that easier to disseminate more widely (if that is what you wanted)or just plain easier to remember.

Tim have you changed the methodology on the survey? I ask because this is the first time I have not had to submit my email address and I thought that you had some sort of control/test sample to help calculate the figures?

There is no "enter you email adress here" - how will you screen out people taking multiple surveys?

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