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Alcohol is healthier than fascism!

Let's stuff this statist nonsense where it belongs - in the bin!

CCTV says there is "Nothing wrong with 17th Century Puritanism".

No, there's nothing wrong with puritanism, religious or secular, in any age ... if the aim is control over all art, literature, music ... behaviour in general. Under puritanism there is no culture, no life but that which is permitted by Those Who Must be Obeyed. Puritanism is a wet blanket to snuff out much of what makes us human.

I had hoped for something better from the Conservative Party.

Just answer me one question..

When have higher taxes ever solved, or improved, anything?

After years outside the Conservative Party I rejoined in hope when Cameron offered a breath of fresh air.

It's now obvious that Cameron is the prisoner of the far right, or more probably he was in their pocket in the first place.

IDS is the darling of the swivel-eyed foreigner-hating right. These new attacks on the young and the unmarried will have the angry old men of the party crowing like the zombies on a Steve Bell cartoon.

Recently I attended the discussion group of my new association. I didnt know anybody there. They ranted about "coloured" immigrants. One half-senile old man droned on about "backward negro intelligence"

I will not be reattending the Tory Hatefest. and its unlikely I will be renewing my subscription.

The main difference between the Tories and the BNP is that the Tories are the most dishonest.

Classify Cannbis in any way you think will get the most votes - what difference will it really make.

Richard, I thought the countries with the toughest alchohol laws were Scandinavian. Crime per capita in each country is considerably lower in each country than in Britain.
Still waiting for the first good idea (or indeed any idea) from those who think IDS is wrong to suggest as to how to cure the problems that IDS identifies.

Aadded tax will be a great boost to Channel ferry trips and booze runs to France.

Has Cameron got some pals in French hypermarkets ?

Yet another crackpot policy from a party that wants to win the next general election - a tax rise from the party that used to favour tax cuts.

Well they are going the right way to lose the next general election.

The statistics show prohibition does not work.

10.5 per cent of adults had used one or more illicit drug in the last year

6.3 per cent had used an illicit drug in the last month

6 Million real Green votes lost.

IDS's proposal will increase smuggling and the booze trip to Calais without tacking binge drinking. This is the nanny state too far.

Crime per capita in each country is considerably lower in each country than in Britain.

How bizarre. The only country in Europe with a comparable population to Britain is Germany, and possibly France.....but you pick tiny states with populations the size of Scotland.

All crime is connected to alcohol seemingly in your world...but not in reality.

Britain has very low per capita consumption of alcohol but a very high crime rate with far fewer crimes solved and far fewer perpetrators serving full jail sentences....mixing it all up and blaming alcohol is a sign that you have lost the plot.

An even more ludicrous post than usual Tomtom.I did not 'pick' the Scandinavian countries because they have a small population but because they have high tax rates on the sale of alchohol.
Rather than making smartarse remarks tomtom why don't you answer the points made by IDS?

What I find so fascinating about this thread is how it shows what a wide range of views can be held within the party and how that variety reflects my own uncertainty on the topic. The most gratifying thing is that there is a will to tackle the effect that alcohol has on society and specifically the family.

Whether IDS’s solution is the right one I am not so sure. I can only assume that the research is correct when it states that alcohol consumption is price sensitive amongst the young. This makes perfect sense when looking at drinking among children, which has to be the most disturbing change over the last decade.

However it may be that part of the problem is the social acceptance of drunkenness. My perception is that the general move towards social liberality has made a number of activities socially acceptable, including the increasing use of illegal drugs, and disapproval is now disapproved of.

This lack disapproval has several effects. Children no longer see drunks as figures of fun but a normal part of their adult environment. Youths no longer feel the gaze of adult displeasure and in certain city centres have effectively driven adults out. Adults now find that that extra bottle of wine on offer in the supermarket is easy to pick up, pay for and consume, and is now guilt free.

Dramatically increasing prices, which has a higher feed on effect on on-sales, along with the smoking ban turning some pubs into anodyne cafeterias, will maintain the momentum towards home drinking, which will only increase the link between a normal family environment and drunkenness.

On the issue of raising the legal age limit, what sort of message does this send to our youngsters? We expect them to learn responsibility and self-reliance as they go through higher education or start their first jobs yet we would treat them as children with no decision making powers of their own.

So my policy on the hoof goes something like this: Increase duty at the higher alcohol percentages and reduce it at the lower ones (for example for beers less than 4%), if possible focussing on off-sales. Increase licensee responsibility for those in their premises and ensure that they do not serve those who are already drunk. Put pressure on the hospitality industry to reduce prices of non-alcoholic drinks (I have been in some pubs where the lemonade is more expensive than beer). Place some of the financial burden of those using police time because of drunkenness onto the drunks (for example charge them for their cell time and their ride there).

However it may be that part of the problem is the social acceptance of drunkenness.

A very good point. Our Victorian ancestors worked hard to remove any such element of 'social acceptance'

I particularly detest the way in which heavy drinking has become widespread among young women. It's encouraged by many aspects of popular culture, including such publications as the Briget Jones books which I personally find about as funny as a slap in the mouth with a dead fish.

Somebody on CH recently claimed that Conservatives should 'change' to suit the mentality of the kind of idiot who watches 'Big Brother'.

On the contrary, the only 'change' we should make is to train our guns on all such examples of infantile and anti-social behaviour. The binge culture is a good place to start.

yeah it was shocking to all of us when Chancellor Gordon Brown had announced that the taxes will be kept down on alcohol because of the alleged impact on the UK drinks industry of booze cruises and other alcohol 'smuggling' from lower tax jurisdictions. it was the worst move by any politician till date

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According of many researchers drug rehabilitation is an umbrella term for process of medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment, for dependency on psychoactive substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and so-called street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or amphetamines. The obvious intent is to enable the patient to cease their previous level of abuse, for the sake of avoiding its legal, social, and physical consequences, especially in extreme abuse because every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.


This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse. http://www.alcoholaddiction.org

Tax on the alcohol? Why not abolish it? So that there will be no deaths because of alcohol. Though there is a treatment but, it's still not good for our health.

This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse. http://www.alcoholaddiction.org

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This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse. http://www.alcoholaddiction.org

This is not to say that cannabis is not dangerous; the point of the classification system under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is to list them in order of relative harm. The council has judged that it is not as harmful as Class A and Class B drugs, such as heroin or crack, even though there is growing evidence that cannabis use could lead to, or worsen, schizophrenia.



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alcoholism treatment

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