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Bridges fell out with Coulson.

The reason he span the bomb proofing story to Brogan was because he resented Coulson's arrival. In actual fact Letwin remained in charge of that process.

No question the press operation is appalling and has been since DC's appointment as leader. Until now he has had very junior figures in charge of his press. They are now effectively demoted and as you say the stage is Coulson's. He was never more needed.

The last few weeks have beena wake up call Team Cameron badly needed. It may yet turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Sped: As Michael Gove so rightly pointed out recently, anonymous posting detracts from the credibility of one's statement. Give us some indication of who you are and perhaps you will give some credit to what you say.

George Bridges' fate was sealed when Team Ashcroft (e.g. Gavin Barwell and Stephen Gilbert) was brought back into CCHQ, a poor decision IMO. As an Old Etonian, a culture clash with Coulson was always a possibility too.

Well I trust Tim that the "never get a call from the Conservatives PR team" is sadly true.

This is an example of a lot that continues to be wrong in CCHQ.

CCHQ needs a root and branch improvement but I do not believe that Caroline Spellman can do it. She does not come across as someone who knows how to improve an organisation. Let me please be wrong.

Given the importance that the party is now putting on marriage and a work/life balance, surely Mr Bridges is just practising what is being preached. And I wish him and Mrs Bridges a long and happy marriage.

I liked George and found him both professional and personable, despite times when he and I differed. Just last week I saw him working hard in Ealing. I hope that the Party has not seen the back of him permanently.

As Campaign Manager is a critical marginal seat, and also a regular provider of Mutual Aid to Croydon where Gavin Barwell is a key player in the local organisation, the more he has to do with CCHQ the better. I have nothing but confidence in his campaigning abilities and strategic direction.

I was not commenting negatively on Gavin Barwell's abilities, just the decision to take Team Ashcroft back into CCHQ. "Competition" in campaigning ideas between Gavin's team and CCHQ could have been beneficial.

As has been commented on frequently before...the CCHQ press operation is dire.

Apart from Andy Coulson, there are only two other former jobbing journalists on the staff. The current head of media has never worked in media while the current head of broadcast has never worked in broadcast. The remaining staffers are from PR company graduate recruitment schemes or local authority/EC press offices.

By contrast the Labour Party's press office demands a minimum of two years relevent media experience...most are from regional papers/local radio/24 hour rolling news etc.

Its like sending the Girl Guides up against the Waffen SS.

Sorry Ray Gillespie, and I don't mean to be rude, but you speak for yourself on that one I'm afraid.

There is a rumour that Tony Lit has defected to the Lib Dems.

If this is true....What a surprise!

The Conservatives do not give the impression of being hungry to win office and to fight at constituency level, rather a sense that their turn has come after waiting....

It is very disturbing just how casually they have fought elections for the past decade seemingly going through the motions...

It would be nice to get independence from The Scottish Raj but I think most independence movements were more driven that the Conservative Party appears to be

Very negative view this early morning Tom Tom. Go back to bed and have another hour's sleep, then try again.

Ray Gillespie said:
"As Michael Gove so rightly pointed out recently, anonymous posting detracts from the credibility of one's statement"

Funnily enough Ray, when a blog Editor allows anonymous comments, people,um, choose to comment anonymously.

This is wholly the choice of the Editor for whom page views as a means to increase ad income is the most important factor. It's very common, not just ConHome

Very negative view this early morning Tom Tom. Go back to bed and have another hour's sleep, then try again.

Posted by: Tapestry | July 21, 2007 at 07:53

You must tell us whether you ingest, inhale, or inject Tapestry....to be so adrift of reality has its advantages but leaves you somewhat bereft. The Conservatives are very lucky they are in England, in a competitive political environment like the US they would be destroyed.....

Complacency is the reason this country has been whipsawed by the competition and why failure is a national attribute

And the Gods ordered his fall from grace...or rather Ashcroft did. Read his book and you will see that Bridges did not stand a chance. His demise had nothing to do with Ealing, nothing to do with Barwell but it did have everything to do with Bridges being a snitch and a double-dealer when he worked at the Times newspaper. Ashcroft is like a big bad bull elephant...only with a longer memory!

FRaser Nelson covers this subject on Spectator Coffee Shop

The irritating aspect to the Bridges resignation is that he should have been identified several years ago as a potential Party leader- sans pareil. George Bridges quite outshines the current Leader;it is a disaster that his talents have been overlooked. A safe seat should have been found for him years ago.

Having worked with George Bridges at Number
10, I can say with certainty that a party serious about winning power should not lose someone with his experience and his ability.

Dear Sir ,
In England we spell a current of air as
draught not as your your spelling in your article(Telegraph Mon Jan 19)

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