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If only we had some of Giuliani's tough approach to crime and security from the leadership of the British Tories.

Some of his schtick is good - his crime fighting credentials and his commitment regarding judges spring to mind - but it's a shame he's proven himself an archetypal neocon with regards his number one promise, the issue he's building his whole campaign around.

His reaction to Ron Paul's correct analysis of the nature of the terrorist threat against America shows up a dishonest, oppurtunistic individual, unreceptive to new ideas, and worst of all: wrong.

We need a photo opportunity with Rudy & Boris.

Giuliani is associated with the neo-con wing of US politics. Neo-con politicians are not similar to conservative politics, standing as they do for huge government, huge spending, extraordinary measures against individual rights and unprovoked ideology-driven foreign wars. For the latter, see Giuliani's recruitment of Norman Podhoretz, one of the 'thinkers' who helped embroil the US in Iraq and who has assured TV viewers (with a malignant chuckle) that President Bush will take the country to war with Iran before his term is up. Giuliani has a terrible personal and political record and it is a disgrace that the type of "COnservatives" who would support him have been / are allowed to take over the once great Tory party in this country. No wonder it's in meltdown.

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