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Sounds good. Sorry I missed it.

It was good - I just happened to catch it. I was almost convinced that Andrew Marr thought it was good too...

Ed, as the Tory party demands a referendum on the revived EU Constitution, please could you give a permanent and prominent link to this E-Petition which demands a referendum on the revived EU Constitution?


Which as far as I can see could only help to reinforce the Tory campaign.

Yes Denis, I will - why not write an article for YourPlatform about it?

I don't suppose there's a link to it online?

Half of cohabiting couples split up by the time a child is five but it's only one-in-12 for married couples.
We need a cultural change in favour of parenting, fatherhood and marriage.

Good to hear that Cameron apparently said something worthwhile, but how does this square with some of his previous statements on 'alternative lifestyles'

My own view is reflected in one of the few worthwhile things Major ever said. We should understand a little less and condemn a little more.

Responding to criticisms of Sayeeda Warsi on alleged homophobia and support for talking to extremists, David Cameron says that it should be welcomed that the Conservative Party has a British Muslim around its top table.

If he's happy with this woman exhibiting 'homophobia' does that mean that Christian conservatives will be able to express their own views on the subject in future without fear of censorship or persecution?

Tory T you really ought to watch the whole programme, because having watched the interview with Alistair Campbell first, in which he comes across as extremely arrogant and forceful, at any rate very negative, so that David Cameron coming on afterwards seemed like a breath of summer fresh air, people will remember THAT. Marr seemed relaxed as well, and his questions about policies etc: were answered in a pleasant explanatory way, DC was not trying to dominate the proceedings.

Sorry Denis - ignore my earlier post - I've just remembered I had already commissioned a piece on the referendum from one of our new daily columnists. My apologies and I hope you'll approve of it...

That's fine, Tim - I was just about to reply that I'd willingly write an article, but as the Labour manifesto promised a referendum on the EU Constitution, and we all know that the new treaty is the EU Constitution in all but name, it follows that we must have the referendum they promised, and if you installed a conspicuous link to the petition then it would add to the pressure to get that referendum.

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