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How nice then it would have been had she been appointed because of all that merit, instead of despite it. Is there a single person out there who doesn't believe Dave's promoting Lady Anelay solely because it means he can weakly trumpet, "one more woman in the shadow cabinet!"?

Seeing Baroness Anelay in the Shadow Cabinet is fantastic. She is a diligent, charasmatic and intelligent woman and will give some of her colleagues a run for their money.

I think what Andrew is trying to say ACT is that she may be at least one woman promoted who clearly deserves to sit with the rest of the shadow cabinet.

So that's a 'No' then? There's not one single person who thinks Lady Anelay's in because of that list of her many talents (none of which I for one minute doubt), but in fact she's in because it means Cameron can engage in yet another wan, me-too piece of PC? This is exactly what's so corrosive, for women, and of course for the disabled, and ethnic and religious minorities, when it comes to 'employers' doling out jobs on tokenistic PC grounds. With the A List, Cameron is a proven discriminator on PC grounds, and as a result, it's now impossible not to suspect his motives when it comes to appointments like this.

She sounds like a safe pair of hands. Good luck to her.

Joyce Anelay has a long and distinguished record in the Party and certainly is being promoted on merit!

Looking at it from the inside, she's there on merit.


Are you sure you're not saying all this because you don't want to believe she's being promoted on merit? You certainly appear to have made your mind up as soon as you heard about it.

Baroness WHO?

I believe she's merit-laden, okay? What I also believe is that Cameron is no longer worthy of our trust, as to whether *he* appoints anyone to anything on the basis of their individual merits. Swire, for example, didn't deserve to be sacked, but was, simply because Dave had to protect himself, and so threw one OE bone to the dogs.


I believe she's merit-laden, okay?

No one said you didn't. The problem is you're so jaded you can't believe she was appointed because she's the right person for the job.

You can think that way, but many other people will be more open-minded.

ACT is missing the point. Also v surprised he thinks Swire has more merit than Lady Anelay. All I'd say is what's more important - postponing ID cards or fiddling around with casinos.

The bottom line is Lady Anelay is an absolute star player. And has been as Shadow Home Office minister, as well as a minister and shadow minister on other briefs in the Lords for years.

There has been no overlooking of talent. This is simply a case of outstanding merit well rewarded.

Good on DC I say.

ACT is a Labour mole, troll, sockpuppet or just a plain old tw*t.

I'd take no notice of this nerd.

So low abuse then, and no one at all prepared to assert that a tyro peer rather than an old lag (ie exactly the sort of politician normally deemed best for chief whip in either house) is truly ther eon merit, as opposed to Dave's need to claim one more woman in the shadow cabinet for the PC sake of being able to claim one more woman?

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