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What do we think? With that christening in the unholy waters of The Sun and Times, it can only mean worsening relations between Camp Cameron and the paper that should be doing more for its readerbase.

A smart appointment - Andrew has had a rapid, but thoroughly merited rise up through the ranks of our national press. He is very able, having enjoyed good stints at The Business, The Sunday Times and The Sun.

A good day for intelligent and balanced journalism at the Telegraph.

it can only mean worsening relations between Camp Cameron and the paper

Let's hope so. It's great to see Heffer, Jeff Randall and Jenet Daley blazing away at the now-trailing party leadership but it's time we saw the Telegraph really storming ahead on behalf of the silent majority against the gang who have hi-jacked our party and doomed it to disaster.

These days Team Cameron can muster few respected journalists in support of their tatty stunt display. I suppose they can still rely on tenth-rate idiots like Andrew Gimson.

The sooner the Telegraph gets rid of him the better.

Never heard of him but if his Sun links mean that Theresa May can appear on page 3 of the Telegraph in her leather gear, as displayed in the Commons,I will die a happy man. I would add that I take the Telegraph but mainly for the cricket coverage. Quite what Bill Deedes would make of this appointment is any ones guess.

He votes Labour.

Is he pro or anti English?

Is he one of those who think the English must be forever supressed " for the good of the Union " ?

Does he support an English parliament to have the same powers for England as the Scottish parliament has for Scotland ?

Will he come out clean for a federal UK and an English Parliament and English fiscal independence ?

The only thing about The Sun was Trevor Kavanagh

34! Everyone is so young these days! The leader of our party barely 40. The editor of The Telegraph under 40. The Foreign Secretary 41...

Well he won't get on very well with cameron's Press Officer given this story:


I am more than satisfied with the line the "Telegraph" has been taking. It reflects my feelings exactly

A completely bonkers appointment which will probably result in the resignation of most of the Daily Tel's political team. I should think Toby Helm and Brendan Carlin would rather crawl across broken glass than report to a second-rate tabloid Labour-supporting hack like Porter.

Dear Andrew Porter,your disclosures of M Ps claims are brilliant.Please inform me you will not let this matter rest.It is nothing short of imorality,that 600 or more of them are going to be able to extract 1250 pounds per month from the tax payers.I have to work away and need accomodation,i do not get any financial assistance from the state.Please tell me you intend dealing with this issue.Keep bashing away.

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