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I, too, have posted about it...


It's good for Cameron. He needed a good blast from somewhere to show he's going to put up a strong fight to protect British interests over the Constitution. It is clearly Europe which has rattled Quentin and got him to jump. Cameron cannot be accused of making rabid anti-europe statements. Quentin's departure has said it all for him. Great for Conservative morale.

Not actually posted my opinions about this on my blog yet.

He then showed Mr Brown the letter he planned to send to Mr Cameron

In other words, part of his letter were included, and possibly added, by Mr Brown to make it all the more damning.

the letter ... was delivered to the Tory leader's office at the same time as it was released to the Press Association

That is an underhanded, disgraceful move which makes me agree with Lord Tebbit's sentiments: "This defection will raise the average standard of members on the Conservative side and lower it on the Labour side."

It's amazing how Cameron has managed to annoy both the Tory europhiles and sceptics with his whole EPP pledge mess-up.

That immediate EPP withdrawal lie was the first nail in his coffin.

Fair play to his reasons for defecting, im sure most tories are thinking if not saying what in effect his reasons are - but to Labour? Ok, Straw and Hodge have at least had the balls to mention a few immigration/integration issues, but apart from that their moral vacuum make camerons conservatives seem positively brimming with victorian values. Cant see it lasting, although i guess personally for him there was not much room for progess in the tories for him, so maybe from a selfish personal point of view he got what he wanted, to embarass Cameron even if there is no personal gain in it.

I wonder what Martin Hill makes of Churchill? :P

Maybe Brown will put this twit in the cabinet to show his government of "all the talents".

The Conservative Party is a "broad church" and includes: left-wingers; right-wingers; centre-forwards; Straights; Gays; europhiles; europhobes; principled; unprincipled; bedblockers; bedpanners; carnivors; Christians; Catholics; Muslims atheists; vegetarians; cannibals (cannibals?); liberals; socialists (whoops! no longer - the socialist has just climbed over the wall and left. The choir is getting restless throwing the kneeling cushions at each other and questioning the sermon preached by the vicar who says that the socialist has gone and joined the devil (in the EU)

I have just heard that someone from the Tories has defecated to Labour where he will be given a shallow cabinet post. Can anyone verify this or are my ears playing up - again? Bloody wax - I ve got enough in my ears for a beehive.

I can think of one or two others who should cross the floor of the Commons with Quentin, starting with Ken Clarke and the others who are still there that stabbed Maggie in the back.

As a long time friend of Quentin DaviesI cannot tell you how personally betrayed I feel. He has no idea of what he has done. The weasel words do him no credit. We all have to compromise at times to work with a team, and reap the benefits of that teams hard work on our behalf, from those who work for us locally, with none of the pay and perks of an MP, to the colleagues who stand shoulder to shoulder with us. I rarely have a harsh word for anyone. But Quentin? Don't even bother to call or come near your former colleagues. Contempt does not begin to cover it.

David Cameron has an opportunity to cut the legs from under Quentin Davies' assertions. He needs to show some mettle and go on the offensive.

It is time for Tories to remember the values that unite us - personal freedom, responsibility, strong defence, efficiency, lower taxes, a strong economy, less regulation, free markets - all areas where, to the detriment of this country, Labour has consistently failed.

It is time to highlight in clear terms Gordon Brown's hypocrisy and spell out his litany of incompetence and spin. Brown's record can be his own undoing if we focus attention on that rather than arguing among ourselves.

It is over to Dave and the leadership now. It is in their hands to deliver. Do we want to form the next government? If so the time for action is now.

John Bercow is the most likely candidate to defect (or should that be defecate?) to Labour after Brown's succession. Cameron is in deep sh1t!

First ever case of a rat joining a sinking ship.

Posted by: Alistair Burt MP - I rarely have a harsh word for anyone. But Quentin? Don't even bother to call or come near your former colleagues. Contempt does not begin to cover it.

Well Alistair, having had the dubious pleasure of meeting you a couple of times I personally would be very grateful to be asked never to bother to call you or draw near to your august presence.

But as a brother Christian, albeit not from your somewhat happy-clappy 'wing' of the C of E, may I ask how such unpleasant sentiments chime with your duty to love thy neighbour as thyself?

I don't know about further defections; how many deaths from 'foam-flecked' apoplexy can the party stand?

Quentin cut a sad figure last night. It was a pathetic interview. He's lost all his life's friends. He clearly isn't a genius, but hankers after some kind of significance.

Europe maybe offers him some hope of being a star once again, although David Trimble said Quentin was nuts when he shadowed Northern Ireland under IDS - his one moment of glory. Really you wouldn't leave him in charge of a whelk stall. He seemed quite appropriate alongside the miserable Brown.

I hope his family life pulls him through. He'll be a despised figure now.

He's lost all his life's friends.

Tapestry, if you really believe that 'all life's friends' are to be found within the Conservative Party then you must live a tragically sad existence.

It's statements like these that give credence to the widespread belief that Tories really are a peculiar race of anoraks who suffer from the kind of problem that even their best friends won't tell them about.

Maybe that's one thing Cameron was right about.

Maybe best to wish him well with his new mates, ensure we have an excellent candidate for Grantham & Stamford for the General Election, and move on.

There has been comments that Quentin's defection was timed to maximise damage to the Conservatives. Like the mistake in crossing the floor the timing is also dreadfully flawed if this was indeed one of his ambitions. Outside of the Westminster village the British public didn't know he existed on Monday, flash of publicity on Tuesday, Wednesday Gordon takes over, new cabinet etc and the British public will again completely forget about Quentin. In the end his betrayal will have achieved nothing except cause a lot of hurt to all the local volunteers who have worked so hard for him over the years. At least the locals are now rid of this piece of deadwood and have the chance to start a fresh with a real quality candidate.

Trad T

He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

Quentin Davies' defection will have little effect on the outcome of the next General Election. Like Belinda Stronach in Canada who jumped ship in the dying days of Paul Martin's Liberal Government he will find he's merely leapt onto the sinking ship of a tired worn-out government.

Lets be honest Labour doesn't give a stuff about Quentin Davies and their members would be opposed to his previous statements in parliament. He looked a very sad and strange figure on Newsnight. This hasn't helped Brow either realy - a new approach? No spin? Didn't look that way at all, rather more of the same new Labour games and skulduggery. Public wouldn't have been impressed by politics at all following all this,


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