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Ming Campbell asks if it's right that "private equity executives pay tax at a lower rate than those who clean their offices"

Private equity executives probably earn a teensy bit more than their office cleaners though. 10% of a million is more than 33%+ at £5.35 per hour.

And that's £5.35 per hour more than they'd get if a high tax regime pushed significant chunks of London's finance industry abroad.

I take it neither maths nor economics are Ming's strong points.

'I take it neither maths nor economics are Ming's strong points.'

Nor is leading a political party it would seem!!

Well done Dave.

It's all good stuff.

What is it about this hell-bent desire to penalise those who are successful for the work they have done. Again on the 'Ming on Maths' question (Neil Reddin), don't they understand that 20% of £100,000.00 is already a tad more than 20% 0f £10,000.00?

Just another way of saying goodbye to motivation, individuality, prospects, ambition, someone who can do a better job than them etc...

Really good stuff from Cameron at PMQs today.

Blair was well on the rack.

"Really good stuff from Cameron at PMQs today.

Blair was well on the rack".

Well, maybe Geoffrey Brooking @ 16.15. However, the fact is that after using up his questions DC had still failed to elicit a meaningful response from Blair, who still managed to sing his own praises at the end of his replies.

PMQs are largely a waste of taxpayers' money.

What might be more useful would be a factual weekly report from the Minister for Europe (or whatever the post is called) to Parliament of the latest laws/regulations to be imposed on this country, so they can't be slipped in without anyone noticing.

Why havent we called for more time to be set aside for PMQs? Blair cut it back to avoid having to face up to awkward issues springing up on him. This sideshow is pointless. Cameron cant beat Blair even on his penultimate attempt. Cameron failed to his a decisive blow.

Usually i moan about DC at PMQ's but this week, he wasn't half bad! Good questions regarding prisons. Bliar was unconvincing- Dc came out ahead- just. Having been a politics student ,who has looked at OLD copies of Hansard, Thatcher( God Bless) never really struck a 'killer blow' on Wilson- or Callaghan- until disaster struck. Blair struck a couple of good killer blows on poor old JM, but those were mainly of his own making.

Finally got round to reading the posts on the latest PMQ and like almost all those who have blogged I concur with their views. DC was on top form and gave Blair a really hard time - Six great questions on a subject that should worry us all.

How on earth when the government received a clear warning about this problem 5 years ago could they have dithered and delayed so much that now the only answer is to release 25,000 prisoners early? The only answer is utter the incompetence of the Blair/Brown administration, but then given Labour’s record on the Home Office issue, no one should be the least bit surprised.

I was slightly concerned about the comments from James Maskell and David Belchamber that were so at odds with every post on this website and the comments from those supposed ‘feral beasts’ that I have concluded and not unreasonably that they must have been watching an old edition of PMQs off the web.

The only other explanation is that they read about this most recent PMQs in some lefty rag or on the Labour Party’s own website.

This was a great performance by DC, strong, assured, and confident and he was clearly in charge of his brief and enjoying himself, unlike yesterday’s men who looked quite angry at times.

Bring on the Brown!

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