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From a BBC report posted a couple of hours ago which, basically said, "everything's OK" on competition front there is this ominous quote "As EU leaders discussed a draft outline, it emerged Nicolas Sarkozy got the words "free and undistorted competition" struck from the preamble." So it's started.

All theatre. Atrocious posturing. More on Channel 4 about Blair's converting to catholocism than his betrayal of Britain.

I'm sure Blair will return waving a peace of paper and declaring 'Peace In our Times'

Of course he forgets what the appropriate response is:

'We Shall Never Surrender'

Sorry I forgot - don't mention the war!

"don't mention the war!"

Once again the French have proven to be going in the wrong direction and once again the Poles have helped to rescue us.

And the contempt continues to the last...

Do are leaders really believe this is the right way "to run a railway"? With important issues reputedly at stake surely all that is going on just demonstrates that the EU is not, to quote our soon to be departed Home Secretary,"not fit for purpose".

Should be "our" leaders, not as posted.


You get hold of the ammo, I'll sort out the Molotov cocktails, whose doing sandbags?

Oh, and we'll need tea.


Not one word of opposition to the lack of a referendum on any news channel. No word from David Cameron permitted. We are living in a propaganda state.

Arrest traitor Blair NOW! And all others who tricked us into this situation (the corpse of Heath, of course traitor Heseltine who stabbed Maggie in the back etc...)


I think perhaps Daniel should get himself a nice cup of tea and a wet flannel for his forehead, and lie down somewhere quiet for a bit. It seems like he might have been overdoing things...

I assume there will be a Commons Motion condemning Blair's use of Chequets after he leaves office on Wednesday.

Is it usual for a former Prime Minister to live at taxpayers expense in a country estate and doesn't it breach the Deeds of the Bequest that an ordinary Backbencher should have sole use of such properties ?

Outrageous but unsurprising - the transfer of more British powers to the EU and STILL no referendum.

The difference this time is that the Government conceded a referendum on essentially the same deal only a couple of years ago. That means that Brown's attempts to draw a distinction between the two agreements rings essentially false to people. It looks and sounds shifty and disingenuous because it is.

If the Conservative Party is smart it will hammer home the key point - Labour are breaking a promise, denying democracy to the voters and taking them for fools.

Most people don't like the EU - but they are not as fanatical about it as I am. It's the contemptuous denial of the right to have a say that really, really gets their goat.

That's our strongest point - and that's how we can make Brown pay a terrible price for his refusal to consult the people.

Can someone ask them old rockers, Europe to re-record "The Final Climbdown?"

Well done to Poland, the only country to have the balls to say no... They didnt get exactly what they wanted but a seven year deferral isnt a bad thing for them.

As for Blair, given he had to be wrestled to the negotiating table by Brown, its clear that weve just been gangbanged by the EU...

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