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Perhaps this is CCHQ's attempt to stop us talking about grammars!

Isn't this the Independent on Sunday's line?

My God.. Maybe he's decided to grow up at last.

Graham Brady is told to 'shut it' for daring to question the dear leader's remarks on Grammar Schools.

Boris Johnson states that he would have sex with the Prime Minister's wife and that he once found cannabis to be 'jolly nice'.

Brady is forced out and Boris is chuckled at.

The party I have voted for and campaigned for my whole life now disgusts me.

I have nothing but contempt for the sneering, disingenuous, snobbish and hypocritical David Cameron. The coterie of OE's and Tim Nice but Dims that he surrounds himself with have no time for the mere mortals in British society.

I'm off to Labour where, despite all that I disagree with them over, people of my background are not sneered at.

He finds Cherie Blair attractive? Ample proof that cannabis destroys the brain!

I have got the text of some of this interview on my blog...

Sorry Iain - I've now added a link in the main post!

Boris is lucky that he is still on the frontbench. He has just admitted to a criminal act.

When Boris criticises party policy and makes an idiot of himself at conference, Cameron just pats his fellow Old Etonian and Bullingdon Club member on the head. When grammar-educated Brady dared to stand up for his principles, he was intimidated by the Whips and briefed against by Cameron's office.

Double Standards!

Personally I find Cherie Blair and the Dandruff King equally repellent from a physical point of view, but it must be admitted that Johnson is the more buttock-clenchingly embarrassing.

Even Cherie's Okey-Cokey with the Queen can't beat Johnson' appearances pathetic on 'Have I got News for You', where it is always obvious (except to the dimmer sort of Tory) that all the other lefty smartarses are laughing their pants off at him because he's a weirdo - not because he's funny.

Still, maybe Boris would like to share some of the druggy secrets of the Bullingdon Club. It would be sooooh helpful if he could confirm that Dave has never been high on 'stuff'.

It would be easy to laugh at what Johnson was saying if Cameron hadn't forced Brady out last week - I agree with much of what Tom says.

But going to Labour won't help anything! It is perverse that someone who wants our party to swing a little to the right should move to a party of the left, or at least more to the left than our own, as a protest. It won't help, indeed it will make the left stronger and in turn there will be more calls for the Conservatives to move to the left.

If Boris Johnson wants to be a maverick then fine. But he should be a backbench maverick.

And as for his views on Cherie, Boris is meant to be a man with class! He ought to know better....

I thought our drugs policy had changed so that we were more open on softer drugs such as cannabis...does this mean that Boris is now in contradiction to our new drugs policy?

Of course this is designed to distract us from talking about grammar schools.

The difference between Boris and Brady is that Boris is an immensely amusing and extremely popular figure who has played in my opinion no small role in getting the Tories at least vaguely likeable again. Michael Howard was vigorously condemned for removing from the front bench a man for whom a large number of the electorate had an extremely soft spot for. Howard was made to look like the bad guy, not for the first time! Brady on the other hand is a nonentity who is damaging the party's electoral prospects by breaking ranks on a serious issue and threatening the party unity that was nonexistent for a decade until Howard restored it. His presence on the frontbench did absolutely nothing to make the Tories more popular. I hate to sound like a totalitarian but the Tories won't win again unless they are completely united.

I thought the issue was "entirely pointless" only perpetrated by "inverse class warriors"?

hey editor, are you aware of the new "taking liberties" film coming out? will you be doing any articles/ posts on it, coz it might be good too. i think its out next week sometime.

"I'm off to Labour where, despite all that I disagree with them over, people of my background are not sneered at."

Hilarious, do you really expect anyone to believe that you're quitting the party over this?! Clearly you have never been a Tory, and you're just trying to stir things up. If everyone who had ever taken pot had to quit politics I doubt there'd be many MPs left.

Continuously undermining the leadership's position in the national press (a la Brady) is infinitely worse than having smoked a joint at university. It sounds like you'll be more at home in the Labour Party - class war and envy are encouraged over there.

Don't know what Boris sees in Cherie though.

Michael Howard was vigorously condemned for removing (Johnson) from the front bench


By whom?

I hate to sound like a totalitarian

Don't worry; it goes with the territory.

I'm with you Justine


I would like to point out that Mr Johnson has also been attacking a trade union, to put him back into a few people's good books.

Quite clearly if Boris finds that dreadful woman, Cherie Blair, attractive, then he really must give up smoking skunk, as it has done his brain in.
It is generally recognised that the cannabis many smoked in the 70's and 80's is no match to the high strength Skunk that is on the market today. There have been many scientific reports which clearly state that Skunk is harmful and damaging. So why on earth does this government and police do nothing, apart from downgrading possession.
I find the government's stance in this matter perverse, and would not like to look for the conspiracy, as the cousins across the water would. But it does beg some serious questions.

Johnson puts his foot in it yet again.

Any chance of a sacking?

'Buffoon' Boris puts his foot in it again

Motormouth MP Boris Johnson has reignited the row over his comments about Portsmouth being 'full of obesity, drugs and Labour MPs'.

The former Spectator editor refused to take back remarks he wrote in men's magazine GQ which labelled Portsmouth 'one of the most depressed towns in the south'.

But he appeared to be finally making a climbdown in the latest issue of GQ by saying: 'I love Portsmouth. It's all nonsense.'

But then, in a bid to justify the comments that whipped up a storm of controversy and led to calls for him to be sacked from the shadow cabinet, he added: 'I said about Portsmouth that there was too much drugs, obesity and underachievement. And there is. It's a statistical fact. Why shouldn't I be allowed to say that?'

And Mr Johnson appears to have been personally taken aback by the angry reaction of local MPs, who branded him a 'buffoon and a prat', and demanded he apologise.

He said: 'To top it all some local bloke went on the radio and called me fat.'

Portsmouth North Labour MP Sarah McCarthy-Fry said: 'How can it be statistically accurate to say Portsmouth is a town and there are too many Labour MPs when there is only me?

'He breezes in here, makes sweeping statements and then refuses to come and see the nice side of Portsmouth when he is invited. That displays an arrogance.'

As ever the same people who consistently and disgracefully briefed against our previous leaders, because they didn't agree with them, and were at the forefront of the disunity thereby caused, are now the ones calling for unity within the party in order, supposedly, to create electoral sucess, but in actuality purely because they happen to agree with the current leader. The double standards, hypocrisy and hubris are breathtaking.

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