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Does the PM agree with the new Chairperson of the Labour Party when she said on Newsnight last month that the Labour party should apologise for the war on Iraq or does he agree with the new Chairperson of the Labour party when she said on the Today program this Monday that they shouldn't apologise for the war ? When was she right ?

Sunday's Independent newspaper reported that Tony Blair wanted to sack Gordon Brown? What were the main reasons for wanting to do this?

Ask him if he is going to become the President of the EU, or is he going to join The Carlyle Group?

Does the Rt Hon Gentleman understand that the reason why this House has fallen so low in the estimation of the British people is because of incidents such as his shameful breaking of his promise to the British people to give them a referendum on the EU Treaty, and then insulting their intelligence by pretending that it's not 90% the same as the old version?

Does he agree with the Pope that abortion is wrong?

Blair once said that whenever he had introduced a reform he always wished he had gone further and been more radical (or words to that effect, can't recall exact quote) - in which case: looking back over 10 yrs in office which of his reforms does he think was the weakest and most disappointing, and what (or who) was the reason he was incapable of making a better fist of it?

"Apart from Prime Minister's questions, why has the Prime Minister come to this House so rarely in the last ten years? Was it his dislike of the members in front of him, those behind him, or just those beside him?"


"May I remind the right honourable gentleman that in the limited time left to him, he still has the unfettered right, as Prime Minister, to request a Dissolution of Parliament? He also has the right, should he choose to resign today, to recommend a successor. May I suggest that, immediately after questions, he consults Mrs Blair on which it is to be?"


"Does the Prime Minister agree with a distinguished late Member of this House that all political careers end in failure? I'm giving him an easy question so he can end with a success."

Mr Speaker, given both the PM's stated intent to resign later today and his abject failure to even begin answering questions properly in the last ten years, just what is the value in us asking him any more questions?

Does he regret being instrumental in producing two completely false dossiers to justify his disastrous policy of invading Iraq?

With the Chair of the British Medical Association among others proclaiming that Labout have failed the NHS over the last 10 years of government does he still expect the British people to believe that the NHS is safe in their hands?

Will you be remaing as MP for Sedgefield until the next General Election?

How much can he remember of the statements on his first election leaflet for Sedgefield? If he's struggling for an answer, let him know it's being published in Curly's Corner Shop, Tuesday, as a tribute!

With the Chair of the British Medical Association

Acting- Chairman Sam Everington

Does anyone believe the future of doctors is safe with the BMA ? It has been slavishly devoted to the New Labour project ever since Blair deduced it

since Blair deduced it

seduced and traduced it

Is the Prime Minister planning to join former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Marie Aznar on the board of News Corp?

To what extent does the prime minister believe his replacement should follow the manifesto labour was elected under?

...any question should start with "rhetoric aside...."

Will the PM publish the text of the original advice from the Joint Intelligence Committe and also the "sexed-up" version, which was used as the justification for taking this country to war against Iraq?


What is the PM's best estimate of the number of Iraqis killed in the war and its aftermath?

"Does the Prime Minister feel that his work is done, now that most british laws come from Brussels?"

"Does the Prime Minister plan to quit as an MP after stepping down as Prime Minister? If so does he not feel that he is betraying his constituents who chose him as their democratically elected representative for the whole Parliamentary term?" Or something along those lines

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