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I used to work in the prison service arranging releases on a tag. Sometimes it worked, but too often it was used as a population management tool rather than as part of effective rehabilitation. The reoffending rate would drop if it were reserved for offenders who had found a job they could do on the tag and had a supportive family around them, rather than turfing anyone who isn't disqualified out at the first opportunity.

Now we have our Ministry of Justice, I wonder who will be Judge Dredd? This government really has moved us in an unpleasant direction.

Does Mr Shapps's report explore the reason for an apparent 4 or 5-fold increase in reoffending by tagged offenders between 2001/02 and 2003/04 (after which it levels off again)? Is it because higher risk recidivists started to be tagged during this period?

Also, what is meant by "alleged" reoffending?

New Secretary of State for Justice?

My money's on Harriet Harman - current Solicitor-General, Deputy Leadership candidate, ex-Social Security Secretary and constitutional reform advocate.

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