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It was classic Prescott: Rambling, incoherent and embarrasing. Poor Hague, an mensa iq vs a densa iq!

Reading that synopsis above, one might be forgiven for thinking that it is/was one of William Norton's review's! But I suppose that is just Prescott!

"Prescott seemed to confirm it when he said that Brown has been responsible for "an awful lot" of the Government's record."


LOL! Very funny recap Andrew. I especially enjoyed the bit where Prescott finally answers on doctors whilst being asked about HIPs.

Where was Ming?

Having a nap Steven.

Will Blair condescend to attend any more PMQs in the next six weeks?

How many questions did Hague ask, five? I'm sure he didn't use all six.

Was Prescott pissed?

It's a bit of a shame that todays debate is being dominated by the schools question.Prescott's performance was lamentable even by his low standards and we haven't been able it seems to capitalise on Patricia Hewitts cowardly written announcement of the abandonment of her scheme to recruit junior doctors.I heard that speaker Martin refused to allow a debate on this subject,does anyone know if this is true? I haven't seen or heard anything from Andrew Lansley, has anyone?

Malcolm, I did not get the chance to check but I think Patricia Hewitt was up in front of the house to do Health questions after PMQ's.
Anyone able to confirm this?
Having abandoned the complete disaster of the MTAS system it will be interesting to see what happens on August 1st, could we see consultants running around acting as their own junior doctors? The scary thing is that it just might happen in Health trusts across the UK, a new Health secretary will appeal for calm while they get their feet under their desk, mean while Patricia "best year yet" Hewitt will disappear without either being sacked or resigning for a complete lack of competence.
While Blair tours the world and Brown tours his kingdom making yet more worthless re announcements, we have Prescott in charge and problems piling up in an almost holding pattern which I expect to land on Brown's desk in a couple of months.

How come the Tories never seem to use all the alloted six questions which they have? Surely if they could shouldn't that be banding home the advantage. But to be honest as poor a performance Prescott had. He thought a lot better on his feet then what Hague did. And also Hague made a couple of gaffes about his/your policies.

Talking of policies considering the Tories have so few what is the stance now about Grammar schools ?

'He thought a lot better on his feet then what Hague did'.Are you serious?
As regards the question on grammar schools why don't you look at the front page of this site?

Tony Blair is on his farewell visit to Washington

That would be my biggest criticism of the man- too much time spent worrying about Washington DC and not enough spent worrying about Washington Tyne and Wear.

Prescott was awful. Worse than I have ever seen him before.

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