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Is that more nose-picking going on?

Simon Burns sensible statesman like question is not the first time he as impressed me in the House. Its about time people of his caliber were given frontbench jobs.

Simon Burns is sadly one of the 'disreputable 18' Tory MPs who voted for David Maclean's FOI bill.

PMQs is pointless until Browns coronation. Cameron should refuse to do PMQs until the real Prime Minister appears. Alternatively give Osborne the chance of doing PMQs since it should be the Chancellor doing PMQs...

Pity DC didn't ask Tony about the jets he's dumped on the Prime Minister elect, strange way for a "leaver" to behave.

For God's sake, Curly, will you give up on the self-promotional hijacking of other people's blogs? It's very tedious and whilst I used to read your blog occasionally, now I no longer bother because of this annoying tactic.

I'm fairly relaxed about people plugging links if they're making relevant comments.

I don't know if Brown was blatantly picking his nose again this time but clearly our highly agitated PM in waiting has great difficulty keeping his hand away from his face.

French TV has already shown the famous Brown nose picking and eating clip at least twice at peak viewing to much mirth from studio guests. They even have a rather disgusting name for him which I won't repeat here.

All quite embarrassing for us expat Brits, even the many Tories amongst us.

I thought Blair is starting to look like a Ronald Searle cartoon when he "answers" Cameron. Real LOL stuff. You can almost see the frantic beads of sweat spraying out around his head.And the even more frantic grabbing at his crib sheets is a joy to watch. DC really good today.

And if you dont go for Searle, how about a Sptting Image puppet, when then makers have gone into over drive, as they did with Maggie in her last days. Pity they arnt still on the Box.

I watched it just now and went away with the lasting impression that Blair scored a body blow with his points about grammar schools. DC did look sheepish and a brief flash to an embarrased Willetts, as he should be.

All the good material about HIPS and Judges squandered by a PR ballsup.

Let us hope that DC acts to ensure that this never happens again.

One thing that was notable today were the quieter backbenches on the Conservative side. Blair also reeled off virtually no statistics, an annoying habit of his.

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