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He quoted Charles Clarke who said splitting the Home Office was a "completely batty idea that would damage national security"
Charles Clarke though has not really shown sound judgement, he was fired because he failed to got on top of his brief and since has been coming out with bizarre statements on all kinds of things indicating quite frankly that he is batty!

It is time to scrap things such as the positions of Scottish Secretary, Welsh Secretary and Northern Ireland Secretary; A Ministry of National Security with a National Security Supremo and cabinet ministers under him for Justice, Immigration & Nationality and Defence & Foreign Affairs.

Cameron on top form today. I've seen very few comebacks against Tony Blair but today perhaps one of the best since Hague.

Blair's Marx joke looked a little too pre planned. I think Cameron had him all ends up today. Very good performance.

I think another nail was banging into Ming's coffin today. He just can't do the Commons.

Ming is the 'Mr Grace' of the LibbyDems! I was in hysterics when he was meeting some of his 'Party faithfull' down south when he said 'didn't we do well!!!'

Being at work today and not being able to see the whole of PMQ's I have to say that the soundbite plugs that are on the news broadcasts are playing extremely well. The entire office loved the 'living dead' soundbite.

I loved the way in which the Tory and Labour benches cheer Ming when he gets up to speak. Oh so cruel.

A very pleasing effort from Dave Cameron in the Commons today. Blair was beaten all ends up, especially as I think everyone is finally seeing straight through his tactic of blaming or comparing everything to the situation under the previous Tory government. He was left without ideas and with nowhere to hide today.

On another note, good to see Cameron already laying into Brown before he's even entered Number 10. He didn't look especially impressed with Cameron's blacked out limo jibe!

He [Ming] just can't do the Commons.

Sadly for him, that's not all he can't do.

I thought Cameron was excellent at today's PMQs, more of that please on a regular basis! I also think that whoever at CCHQ came up with the brilliant "living dead" line should be immediately promoted.

Excellent performance from DC today, he really put Blair in the picture!

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