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I suppose anyone except Harman would be an improvement on Prescott. For that reason I hope Harman wins.

"Which Deputy Leader would you vote for?"

From a non-partisan perspective, I would like to see Hilary Benn (or Alan Johnson, if Benn doesn't get enough nominations to stand) get the gig.

From a Conservative perspective, I'd be thrilled if Hazel Blears got the job.

As a Conservative, I'd also be delighted to see Hazel Blears win though Harriet Harman would be pretty good for us too.

If I was a Labour party member, I'd probably vote for Benn, since he's the only vaguely sensible one of the bunch. To be honest I wouldn't be enthused by any of them.

Choose any one of three from blears, hain or harman to give us all the ammo we would need in the run up to an election.

From a non-partisan prospective Johnson and Benn are the only two who seem to be in politics for the right reasons (to improve lives) whereas blears, harman and hain are preening prima donnas.

Blears for me. Dreadful woman.

Not particularly enthused by any of them, in fact between the selection running for DPL and only a left winger having the courage to attempt to get on the ballot to give Brown a contest, just where is the talent, guts or desire for a proper debate in this party????

If I was forced to choose in the DPL I would go for Benn who I like as a steady pair of hands or Johnston or Cruddas for a bit of personality and good old leftie rhetoric. But any Labour posters out there please pick either Harman, Hain or Blears in that order.

Alan Johnson for his Clintonesque style.

It's a shame Conservative members can't elect our own Deputy.

Remind me - did Labour not win a General Election not so long ago, with Prescott as Deputy PM and already having a less than glorious track record ?

In that light, does it really matter how abyssmal the incumbent is, in terms of electoral advantage to the Tories?

Blears or Harman - for the reasons already stated above!

All of them are awful and we should be able to best every one of them,


As long as it's not Peter Hain. I find the man absolutely unbearable...

Blears is a smug Labour troll. She's so up herself it's unbelievable. Everytime she appears on telly I swear Tory membership takes a sharp upturn!

Apparently Benn got over-confidant and didn't bother sucking up to the back benches. It looks like Harman.

Whoever it is - they're all political and intellectual dwarves.

If I weren't a Conservative, I'd vote for Hilary Benn. He seems the most decent, down to earth of the lot - he's certainly a guy I could get on with.

As a Conservative, I'm egging for John McDonnell to win...just imagine!

From a Conservative perspectiven I would say Hain is best for us - terrible on the telly and adds nothing to the Labour ticket.

If I were a Labour supporter I'd go for Cruddas. He has integrity - not mad too but sufficently of the left to motivate the membership, He also has some stratgic vision.

Blears although hilarious on the TV does at least get that Labour shouldn't throw out the baby with the bathwater re the blairite image so I have a little respct for her.

"As a Conservative, I'm egging for John McDonnell to win...just imagine!"

A financial crisis and a severe raiding of the wallets of the middle classes. Would get us into power but would it be worth the cost?

Haha, fair point Richard. Though I wonder if, as with all post-Soviet leftists, reality in power would change his perspective.

Besides, he wouldn't have a mandate. I saw him on the Politics Show on Sunday, discussing how he'd implement the basis of his ideas before holding an election. Apparently "ideas should be given a chance, and then the electorate decide." What a committed democrat.

Blears would drive me so mad I can't even hope she wins as a Conservative. I think Cruddas might be good for us - a good left-right civil war at the top of the Labour party might be fun to watch.

If I was a Labour member, electorally I'd go for Johnson or Benn. Ideologically, it's hard to say as I'm not a left-winger.

Anyone who joins Labour gets a vote ... why don't we all sign up and get ourselves the dream team? McDonell and my little chipmunk !

Its rather amusing how the stories regarding McDonnell and his nomination are very vague. They arent even sure yet if he will even be on the ballot!

Why do so many people want to be deputy leader of the Labour Party?
Because the leadership position is a foregone conclusion, people are positioning themselves with regard to Gordon Brown, although it isn't just that, under Labour's constitution if the leader resigns or dies then the Deputy Leader becomes leader. In fact if Michael Meacher or John McDonnell really wanted to have a chance of becoming Prime Minister their best chance would have been to run for the Deputy Leadership.

Nominations also opened for the leadership of the party today but the only interesting aspect to that is who Meacher and McDonnell decide should challenge Brown.
It's John McDonnell who is standing, Michael Meacher last night was talking on Radio 5 Live saying that John McDonnell had more support and so he was standing aside to let John McDonnell run and get a left candidate onto the ballot. John McDonnell though is going to rather unpalatable for most in the Electoral College even if he gets the minimum nominations.

I'd much rather the Blairite Blears - that would send Brown balistic!

Jon Cruddass is a decent & likeable man (from his media image, I don't know him!).

So I hope the Hain gets it. Guaranteed to be an allergen to 89%(*) of the population. Rouses pacifists to cushion-pummelling apoplexy. Makes cats flee the room, mewing pitifully. Perma-slime orange tan acts as early warning of arrival.

[(*) This figure derived from a poll of poles, (c) Con Home]

As Stephen Pollard and Oliver Kamm have pointed out already, John McDonnell is an overt supporter of the Provisional IRA. He is therefore unfit to be an MP, let alone leader of the Labour Party, although many Labour members no doubt share his views.

It's hilarious to see all the NuLab comrades knifing their best asset. Benn is by far their most attractive candidate in the marginals and will be kept off the ballot paper due to a typical commie conspiracy.

Serves them right. they can cry about it in opposition

Apparently Gordon Brown already has 282 nominations officially recorded by Labour and John McDonnell only 27 - this leaves 43 Labour MPs so far undeclared of which John McDonnell needs 18 otherwise Gordon Brown is Leader Elect pending only attendance at 10 sets of Hustings and then the declaration by the NEC on 24 June. It would be interesting to know who the undeclared MPs are although presumably 18 of them are supporters of Michael Meacher suggesting substantial divisions in the Socialist Campaign Group.

As I understand it nominations can be withdrawn and re-allocated to other candidates so I suppose there is the possibility of Michael Meacher re-entering the fray or some kind of unity candidate.

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