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I see that Trad Tory is persisting with his extremist language - now he is accusing people, in what is apparently his own party, of being "an axis of evil". He still hasn't got the guts to use his own name,


I see that Trad Tory is persisting with his extremist language

What, you mean like you calling the majority who disagree with you 'headbangers', Matt?

Pots and kettles.

As for not having the 'guts' to post under my own name does that also apply to Cameroons such as 'Scotty' and 'Cardinal Pirelli'?

I prefer not to disclose my identity, but I'll tell you this. I don't make multiple post, I don't make false claims about myself, my association etc, and I am not a CCHQ troll.

I believe that's probably more than can be said about some of the pseudonymous Cameroons.

Care to take a pop at them now?

If things go quiet on this subject - then it will not go well for Team Cameron who desperately need to backtrack on denying the aspirational classes their desired education for their children. ( If they think that Blair's inner city academies are going to inspire confidence then its time for random drug testing at CCHQ. )

If they don't then the following silence will only be interrupted by the sound of sharpening knives behind them, waiting for their day of weakness.

The last thing Team Cameron should wish for is silence on this subject, until they have made peace with the party they have just betrayed.

David Willetts could save us all by resigning.

I am not a member of the Conservative Party and have only voted for the Conservative Party once, and it may have been the only time.

Don't get rid of Cameron, but insist on democracy in the Conservative Party. If he carries on as he is then I certainly will not vote Conservative - even though I would like to.

Regain control of the Party from Metro-centralisers, instill a bit of Libertarianism. Stand for excellence of education for all with a variety of provision - including Grammar schools for those with good academic ability, indeed build more Grammar schools so that more or less all who want to take up the opportunity can do so. And make sure that all other schools have the facilities to make the most of all other children's hopes and dreams. My children go to Grammar and Secondary schools and I am very happy with the variety of provision.

As has been stated previously, academic streams DON'T work! Even in my children's very good Secondary School those who excel academically are 'Geeks'.

I am not part of the 'aprirational classes' if that means I want lots of money for myself and my children. In fact I am generally pretty broke. But I do want my children to go to the RIGHT school for their abilities - and while Cameron and Willetts are philosophically against my having that opportunity for my children I will not be voting Conservative.

Don't dump him. But don't let him run your party as Blair has run New Labour or many other disaffected socialists will not be able to vote for you.

I am not part of the 'aprirational classes' if that means I want lots of money for myself

I've never assumed it to be about money, more about realising potential - what we used to call The Protestant work Ethic

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