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I don't think he did all that bad especially as things around him went wrong.(Can't think why these things happened.)
Anyway,we need to make sure that from now on he is perhaps known as "Gorgon" Brown, because, if he ends up being known as Labours "Golden" Brown we can expect a fight on our hands again.

Given that Golden Brown is said to be slang for heroin (remember the Stranglers' song of that title?), I doubt that this is going to catch on in socialist circles. Perhaps we ought to have a poll - to my mind The Clunking Fist (Jeff Randall) beats The Man Who Stole Your Old Age (Richard Littlejohn) but there are no doubt many more.

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David Cooper,I'm gobsmacked as I had no idea at all that "Golden Brown" was once slang for Heroin.Thanks.

Why did the Beeb let him give his whole speech with his face covered by that autoreader?!

All these photo-opportunities with Gordo hanging around children, are they not a breach of the rules?. Doesn't each parent have to give written permission for their child to be so exposed and a photograph taken and used.
Is this not a blatant bit of illegal propaganda, rather like the cult of personality so beloved of tyrants and dictators the world over.

J.Johns, there's another interesting thought here. Perhaps we should label him Golden Gordon, partly to remind everyone what he did to our gold reserves, and partly as an echo of the Ripping Yarns episode in which "Golden" Gordon Ottershaw is oblivious to the entire outside world in his obsessive support for a lost cause, namely Barnstoneworth United Football Club.

George - short answer, no. The parents do not have to give written permission for their child to be so exposed and a photograph taken and used. Some schools behave as if permission is required (hence the ridiculous stuff about parents not being allowed to film nativity plays) but the law does not have any such provision.

Propaganda, yes (but we do that too). Illegal, no.

The autocue thing was very sloppy but the launch was OK I thought. He came across well in the questions from journalists. I actually felt like he was answering the questions put to him, which seems like a new approach following the Blair years.

I have a feeling that despite all that has been said before, and the points that we can rightly make against his record, there will be a large body of opinion in this country that simply says "give him a chance". I already spoke with two people who are natually conservative who thought he should be given a chance and were sympathetic towards him after seeing overly negative coverage him.

There will surely come a time to hold him to account for the actions of the government he's been a part of but I hope we won't be too hostile too quickly because I'm not sure it will chime with the British sense of fair play. I saw George Osborne's interview on News 24 following the launch and he seemed quite churlish and the vitriol towards him in parts of the blogosphere (thankfully not quite so much in these parts) is often highly distasteful.

A few thoughts. Firstly the views about Gordon Brown on the doorstep are truly bad for Labour, even amongst their own supporters. Secondly, some of the crude negative attacks on him are a mistake in my view and are more likely to help him. We should point out calmly just what he has done wrong and then concentrate on what we will positively do. In terms of taking him on directly though a third point is that their is an unreal feel to his campaign/handover - it is very false. He claims in his speech today that "the people come first" but the people have no say and he is being crowned like some tin-pot dictator.

Matt Wright

Watching today's events unfold was hilarious because as a tory I could have done a better job of launching Gordon's campaign than the highly paid team he has employed!
Did he really say "my time has come" or something similar at one point? Truely bizarre.
Bagpipe playing guy was a mistake and very distasteful, couldn't anyone come up with a few tories brandishing pithy and pertinent reminders of some of Brown's more costly mistakes?

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