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This actually sums up Brown's character. He is so cautious, that he's stitched up the contest to go through unopposed. He dare not gamble and take on even a Left Winger. This could be why we're in for a full five year term.

I reckon it's bad, because i think he will still get coverage, but it will only be what the media decide to throw at him.

With other stories in the news, and the prospect of a 6 horse deputy race, Brown will struggle to drive his own media agenda.

Danny - "with other stories in the news"
Willets & Cameron have got people talking/arguing about Tory Education policy not Brown's campaign or latest "initiative"..plus we'll see if Mike Smithsons view that mentioning Cameron delivers improved poll ratings works enough to squash the rather damp squib of a bounce the last two polls reported.

Gordon Brown needs the backing of just one more MP to be certain of succeeding Tony Blair as Labour leader and our Prime Minister.
Still Hustings, God, The Monarch and Labour's NEC to get past; almost certain - but he won't be Labour leader until declared leader on 24 June and won't be Prime Minister until called to the palace, which appears to be going to be on 27 June.

My hunch is it's bad. He's not going to get the coverage a horse race contest would have generated

I would have thought, as ten year incumbants,Labour need to be seen as united. Quite different from the situation you guys were in, where you basically said 'we need to change' and then set up a contest to promote debate in the party and the country about that change and raise the profile of Cameron.

One of the undeclared candidates I notice is Frank Field, I wonder how John McDonnell would go about trying to persuade him to vote for him? Doesn't seem very plausible really! John McDonnell is appealing for the undeclared MPs to all back him to ensure a contest and a debate, really that's all he's got left to try!

John McDonnell has conceded defeat. It's now certain that Gordon Brown will be Prime Minister and Labour Leader.

As most recently reported - Gordon Brown had 308 nominations, John McDonnell 29 nominations with 15 nominations still undeclared.
Brown will enter No 10 unopposed

Excellent news, we can now spend the next few weeks focussing on how Brown shouldn't be able to vote on English legislation, and how he has no mandate due to Blair's "Full Term" pledge.

What difference does it make if he gets the job without a contest? everyone knew that he was going to be PM anyway.

The dumb thing is that he has to wait till June 27th. It means that govt. is effectively paralysed until then.

Let him take it now, get on with it, and the country will soon know just how bad he is going to be. Cameron should walk the floor with him

What difference does it make if he gets the job without a contest?
There has been a sort of contest in that Gordon Brown appears to be heading for about 90% of Labour MPs nominating him and John McDonnell seems to have got a bit shy of 10% and under the rules Gordon Brown attends Hustings and then is declared leader on 24 June.

If Cameron continues no doubt Brown will win the next General Election unopposed too.......

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