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Great fun. Viral marketing such as this is important in changing public consciousness.

I'm sending it on to my e-mail address book - let's all do likewise.

Thanks Adrian.

Bloody catchy tune!! Not gonna get that out of my head all day now.

'Going Down with Gordon Brown'!!!! Heck, i thought i was on Guido Fawkes there for a minute! I'm sure you could have thought of a more 'tasteful' title!

Gordon Brown said he rejects Conservative calls for a snap election, because "the Opposition did not call for an election in 1990 when Thatcher stood down."

This is a barefaced lie, as Kinnock was the first to call for one when John Major took over. Major's response was quite rightly that we didn't have one when Callaghan replaced Wilson and we wouldn't be having one now.

Can we not nail Brown as the liar he is?

You're forgetting Brown's biggest failure - PFI.

Securing the building of new schools, hospitals, defence training, etc. but at exhorbitant cost, on crazy contracts, tying the hands of his successors for decades, all so he can keep the borrowing off the government's books.

Very funny!

'Going Down with Gordon Brown'!!!! Heck, i thought i was on Guido Fawkes...

No, that would be down on - but even then it would be inaccurate. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman gave a better description of Britain's relationship with Gordon. I'm afraid the company is too polite to give a fuller explanation.

Good timing and very well made. Would've been even better if it was longer.

Could we have a full descriptive of "going down" please, it does conjure up a wealth of rather wicked thoughts and pictures!!!!!!

And my God we'd really fly with Cameron ...

I didn't realise ConservativeHome was so anti-Bush... a very subtle jibe with Blair and Brown dressed as cowboys!

Great stuff, I've sent it around my address book.

Excellent video.

What are the odds that Mr Brown called for an election when Major took over???

Crap. Cheap, purile crap. This reminds me of Labour's "Dave the Chameleon" which also wasn't one bit funny.

I suppose though, people can have their fun but as I look at different conservative (small c) blogs, I wasn't that surprised that the same people chiding Labour for being tastless with "Dave the Chameleon" are often the same people who think this video is brilliant.

C’est la vie...

Tony, who chided Labour for Dave the Chameleon? We all thought it was great!

Satire and sarcasm only works when it plays on an element of truth.

"Dave the Chameleon" fell flat because few people had that perception of him at the time and it has been proved increasingly untrue.

By contrast "Going Down..." highlights all the points that we have come to know and hate about Gordon Brown.

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