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And hopefully she will refuse. Because if she doesn't like the interference of Mr Brakes I am sure the agenda led Newspapers would be even worse.

Holy baloney, pass me the fucking sick bucket. Selected quote from said blog.......

"As I walked into Prêt with her hand in mine she told me of her friends, some I have known since nappy days, who are off to Uganda and Malawi to work with African children and teach Aids awareness programmes. Some are about to spend six months roughing it in Sri Lanka on the replacement home building project. She wonders and is agonising about what she should and could do to contribute."

This kind of poverty tourism by the upper middle classes makes me want to spew.

Might I suggest "Common people" by Pulp as suitable listening material for said daughter?

But still you'll never get it right,
cos when you're laid in bed at night,
watching roaches climb the wall,
if you call your Dad he could stop it all

"Comstock" @1134,

Your post reflects more badly on you than it does on Nadine or her student daughter. I wish you had not written what you did.

Perhaps it is because Comstock and I belong to the pre Diana school of politics that we vomit at such comments.

Alas I have to agree with the Old Fart!

I agree with Simon.

"I agree with Simon."

So do I. On reflection, not my best post by a very long way........

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