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This is dreadful. Looking at the pictures on News 24 now. Really bad- hardly anything left :(

Walked passed last summer and didn't take the time to look more closely. Wish I'd done so now.

This would be a just cause for a contribution from the Lottery? I would not bet on it though!

If it is arson, then the perps should be jailed for life, they have committed cultural vandalism.
Will the government come to the rescue and aid the trust of any shortfall of monies? Perhaps Ed can ask some searching questions as to why a Trust is involved in raising cash for the much needed restoration of the Cutty Sark.
One assumes that there was no money left in the Lottery Pot.

I woke up to the Today program telling this story. This ship is an important part of our country's heritage and the great age of sail in which we lead the world, its devastating that it's gone. So sad.

After the Windsor Castle fire and now this, surely we need to risk review our heritage site's.

I realise that now isn't really the time to be making political remarks, but I was shocked that when I went to BBC Breckfast news, they were giggling on the sofa and leading with the new planning rules story. Well done Ed for puting this terrible event, but important ship up today.

Some of us don't need a disaster to remind us how much we value our heritage. We hardly even teach it in schools these days -will the nuLab educated generation care? I recommend all school children are given a copy of "Our Island Story" - first published in 1905 for children, republished recently by CIVITAS (beautifully worded, easy to read - History that every British schoolchild should know and would make them proud).

Thank goodness only 40% destroyed (80% of the 50% that was not off being restored). A treasure indeed - have seen it and it was well worth a visit.

Yes, when I was standing on deck, looking down the length of the ship, it was quite emotional thinking that you were looking down on a scene that had travelled around the world in all conditions, breaking worl records again and again. Didn't the Cutty Sark beat the Queen Elizabeth to Australia, despite setting sail long after her?

The masts and wheel house are safe, apparently so they could possibly be used in any future rebuild/replica.

This isn't like some youth smashing a window in a fit of temper or for a laugh......this must have take a fair bit of planning :(

I wonder what sad little individual will turn out to be responsible?

There are reports that over 50% of the ship was being restored elsewhere as individual timbers - including the masts etc; so it looks like a full restoration is possible.

The scene of devastation was exaggerated by the fact that most of the ship (or "boat" as the BBC are saying in their ignorance) was dismantled.

That is great news, although (as with Oberon) I hate to make party political jibes; one has to hope that we don't lose a cultural icon of this magnitude just because Lottery money is being diverted towards us trying to top the closing Olympic ceremony in Peking when we host the Games.

Oh heck - two ships in trouble on the same day!

Curly, knock it off, eh, just for one thread.

so it looks like a full restoration is possible.

Hope so.

Please Help!


Or contact directly on: 0208 858 2698

As I undersand it, the current 're-fitt' was being carried out with 50% lottery funding, however it's just matched funding, wich puts pressure on the cause to raise the other 50%. In this particular case, raising the money was realtively easy as the Cutty Sart was very popular. Now that its burn't to the ground, there is a much greater need for funds, as the revenue stream isn't there as it was before the project began.

This is desperately sad.
As someone seeking to represent a constituency in the London borough of Greenwich, in which the Cutty Sark is exhibited, can I urge all those who have rightly expressed their dismay at this disaster to help the financial appeal?
http://www.cuttysark.org.uk - whilst we are fortunate that 50% of the ship was removed before the fire the extensive damage will cost millions to restore/rebuild.
I know how many demands there are on all of us for very worthy causes, but please let's park politics to one side for a moment and invest in our heritage's future.

I strongly advocate pelting the arsonists with rotten fruit.

When I saw the damge done to Southport's war memorial and the Victoria monmument in Liverpool I said the same thing.

Maybe if our youth were taught to respect our culture and history then this kind of thing would never happen.

What is most appalling is that the Fire Brigade (who are 1/4 mile away) stood by and watched while waiting an hour or so to find out if there were gas canisters aboard!

The security guard is supposed to have this information and also the Fire Brigade should have been on site almost every day.

The second appalling thing is that it was not properly guarded.

The third appalling thing is that was taking so long to be restored (actually a rebuild) whilst the Victory seems to have continuous restoration program.

Why should a ship take 8 months to build and 2 years to restore?

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