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Cambo missed a golden chance when Bliar said that what offended him about his questions was the assumption that the inquiry was 'holding back information'. Talk about an open goal there!

Not surprised at Cameron missing an open goal are you? He's been doing it all year, cowardice, incompetence or has he done a deal?

What is it with Skinner? He doesnt sit on any committees and he seems to think that an MPs job is to stand up and ask a funny question every few weeks.

And Skinner is a nasty piece of work, too!

Todays Daily Politics was an absolute disgrace with various toadies including Hattersly and Jenny Scott indulging in a combined lovein for Blair. Gerald Robinson was on praising Blair in the Best PM contest they are running.
I was almost ready to kick the tv screen in until Lord Bell interjected some common sense describing Blair as a pygmy compared to Mrs Thatcher and generarlly deriding the programme and its toadying.
The Pm vote was described by Scott as being very close between Mrs T and Atlee. Since when was Mrs T,s 49% close to Atlee,s 34%
The other week in Scotland Dave described the BBC as one of the great institutions that helps to unite the UK, well as far as I,m concerned the sooner the BBC is privatised so that the socialists who populate the programmes can be paid for by their supporters and I can have the freedom to subscribe to TV channels and programmes I support the better.
By the way I,m in North Aberdeen, I,m off to vote for the SNP 1st Tory list and Tory councillor.
The reasons, Lab holds the seat from SNP by 500 votes, well I figure, kill one enemy first Labour and deal with the other socialits later on.
For once I agree with Simon Heffer in the Telegraph, when Labour is destroyed in Scotland, it cannot get a majority in England, unless the English voters prefer a choice of 2 governor generals from Scotland (Brown or Campbell) or an English prime minister David Cameron

Interestingly enough the BBC are not reporting PMQs as a Blair victory today. They are focussing on the 'calls grow for an enquiry' line.

Two separate stories from Leeds that show what is happening in the real world away from Westminster.
1) The Royal Armouries have had to pay compensation to the English Democrat Party for having cancelled a Conference they had booked. The Royal Armouries said:

“Yorkshire and the surrounding counties have many inhabitants from diverse ethnic backgrounds and origins, many being immigrants or second/third generation descendants of immigrants. It was anticipated that they may not have felt comfortable visiting the Museum during the conference…”

2) Labour Party officials in Leeds are being investigated for Postal Vote breaches which would have sought to capitalise on the influence exercised by Muslim leaders on the local vote.

What was Enoch Powell's warning about 'once immigrant communities get the whip hand' ?

Cameron got it wrong. He was made to look a fool - again.

Why are we pushing for another 7/7 enquiry? What exactly will it achieve, apart from wasting more taxpayers' millions? If DC is trying to avoid an image of opportunism then this is not the way to do it.

My god - I'm a Tory, but I'm agreeing with Blair (just this once).

With regard to Skinner , it's a shame Cambo did not get up and use sarcasm :- 'i see that great working class hero, the hon. member for Bolsover has something in common with his Rt Hon friend for Hull. Cheating. On his wife.'

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