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That Cranmer guy sounds a right nut-job.....

Or should that be "eccentric in the finest British tradition" :D

Congrats on such a good event last night!

A very wise eccentric at that, Comstock!

The event has so far been blogged by these guys if you want more info:

Birmingham CF
Iain Dale
Caroline Hunt
Cally's Kitchen
Robin Millar

At what point will Iain Dale be changing his "Just for men" photo on his Blog ?

Congratulations to the winners and to Sam and Tim for putting on such a fun evening. I haven't been out so late for years. And I met Malcolm! Malcolm is fantastic!.

That Cranmer guy sounds a right nut-job.....

Mr Cornstock,

If you had endured what His Grace has had to endure, you might understand the depths of his religious and political concerns.

'Nut-job' he is not; 'right' he most definitely is.

Always a pleasure talking to you Graeme.

A great evening - it was great to meet so many people who'd just been a name and email address before - we'll organise another get-together soon...

Isn't it a bit rich Prague Tory referring to the cronyism of the Labour government, which I agree with him on, and the seemingly cronyism associated with the Tory blogging award?

Congratulations to all the winners. And thank you to Sam and Tim for hosting such a fabulous evening - enjoyed meeting so many new faces (especially Sam, Malcolm and Graeme). A really good evening - from what I can remember. Thank you.

Sore head today...

"If you had endured what His Grace has had to endure, you might understand the depths of his religious and political concerns."


I have to admit it is a very funny blog, although I think there is a wider joke I don't quite 'get'.

Still think you are mad though....whatever will we have next, people assuming the persona of lead characters from obscure George Orwell novels?

It's COMstock btw, although I admit the font is a little small for a 550 year old to read

:D :P

What's your latest conspiracy theory jailhouselawyer, dare I ask?

Nadine's written a good post on it as well (which is very glowing about CH!):

Having just seen the video I can never see the Conservative Party being taken seriously in the north of England or in the working class communities. You are dedicated in what you do but I feel you are detatched from the reality of what is happening in the real world. There is indeed a life outside of the winebars of London.

And you may put your commentary on UK life as much as you wish in a witty or concise style but it does not connect with 90% of the real world. You agree with each other so believe yourselves to be correct but unless you truly change you will not see a Conservative government be elected.

Nice use of the subjunctive, 'Vote Freedom'.

However! I can't believe you (YOU! ie Cons. Home TV) didn't include my masterly overview of the blogosphere in the above snip, and left me in only as a bored looking head floating to the upper left of the screen while David made his very sensible points.

I laughed out loud at your name on the other thread, Graeme! I was going to email you about that when I realised a minute ago, honest. I did't make the video but the reason you didn't make it in there was because the camera went into auto-focus. Sorry!

Sorry not to be present. It looks like a good time was had by all.

I thought I spied Devil's Kitchen there... are we allowing UKIP-ers in these days? Even a broad church must have its limits...

'Malcolm' looks - and sounds - exactly as I had pictured him.

Further comment would be superfluous.

A belated thank you to Tim and Same for a most enjoyable evening. It was great to meet you too Graeme. Most impressed with Andrew Boff who had some very good ideas on how to campaign outside the Tory heartlands. You should get him to write a platform piece Tim.
Are we really sure that the good Archbishop wasn't there? I did meet a couple of guys that refused to reveal the names of their blogs!


Do you have a strategy if your Boss discovers Conservative Home?

The Archbishop was supposed to be there - it said so on facebook - but maybe he was only there in spirit.

No Simon I don't. Any ideas gratefully accepted!

Crash the computer would be my advice Malcolm.

Congrats to all the winners. Would have liked to have been there but living North of Watford and all that.

He was there in spirit on Wednesday PT, not in person, although he got the dates mixed up last week and was in spirit then too! :

"Being somewhere in spirit on the wrong day is something of a waste of ectoplasm, but since it is not subject to the laws of finitude, he can be with you again this Wednesday."

Question for Cranmer: is "ectoplasm" scriptural, then?

Any chance i could throw my own into the ring? :)

Have the blog awards stopped?

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