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Thanks for posting that Sam - I've had an awful day and that has cheered me up no end! However, I think its more than "slightly cringing"!

I actually thought it was YouTube amateur comedy -- and kept waiting for the punchline. (Though I did laugh about the "maybe try voting" remark.) It was not until the "vote Labour" bit at the end that I realized it wasn't intended to be a farse.

"A poll in the Independent today, exactly 10 years since the 1997 election, says that almost two-thirds of Scots, 63%, think Tony Blair has been a good PM."

My faith in the Union is ebbing fast!

I'm certain that millions of 'ordinary people' are dying to ask Tony Blair and Gordon Brown why they dont sell their successes better. Given the chance, most people, instead of asking about what happened to their pensions or why their council tax has gone up a stupid amount, would much rather encourage Labour to sort out their media operation.


We've missed you, Rob.

I did enjoy that video. I almost enjoyed it as much as the Dave-the-Chamelon ads. Whatever happened to Labour being good at spin? It seems like they aren't even trying anymore. If that's the best they can come up with, then bring on an early General Election, please!

Has anyone else noted that Marvin from Luton appears to live in Retard Close? This is clearly visible as he sets off on his journey. The street must have been named by the same person who directed the video.

Truly, utterly awful.

Aargh. How horrendous.

Q: What can we do about the culture of violence amongst young people?

A: That's a really good question and we need to do something.

Good grief. This looks so bad next to the Conservative one where Cameron is actually answering questions and engaging with what people have to say - even telling them if he thinks they're wrong.

Olympic catastrophe - could you do better?

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