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What about CF Diary? John Moorcraft's is good too.

B'ham Uni's CF branch blog is excellent in my view. Just the right blend of topical commentary; historical & philosophical reflection and the odd gag too.

It's updated very frequently too and has made a real impact, putting the CF branch on the map in the university and in B'ham tory politics too.

They are very much to be commended.

Cheers Pisaboy

Of these three, it has to be Matt Sinclair.


My name is Ben Hurst, and I'm a junior at Washington U.

I run a blog called The Happy Conservative, whose purpose is to document and expose liberal hegemony on campus. Specifically, I'm looking to create awareness about political correctness and intolerance on campus. I was rejected in the student newspaper, and it's time to assert a conservative presence on campus.

I'm looking for contributors across many campuses. I am willing to coordinate and promote the blog, but I'm looking for quality conservative contributions from students across many campuses. Please take a look at the site and offer comments, advice, or let me know if you'd like to become a contributor.

We're changing the world here.

Thanks so much,



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