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Very good of you to nominate Cllr Lindley given the frequency with which he criticises ConsHome, Samuel.

A good couple of Conservative local government blogs from Southampton;

Councillor Jeremy Moulton;

Councillor Gavin Dick

and another for your readers to look at
councillor Matthew Dean (elected last Thurs!)

Matt Dean.

Congratulations again Matt on your election. Hopefully see you on Friday for the post election party.

A good selection. The Maida Vale one is a good example of something more local tories could do on the web.

Great to see another member of the Southampton University Mafia elected: congratulations Matt!

I find Iain Lindley's egocentric blog a huge turn-off.

Good luck, Iain. You were still wrong about Stafford though! ;-)

Donal, I'm publicity officer at Southamton university at the moment. Feel free to come and visit some time, you'd be more than welcome!

The Maida Vale one is a good example of something more local tories could do on the web.

I would say a good example of something more local councillors could do on the web ( regardless of political party.)

Maida vale blog would get my vote, piping Iain's by a short nose. Whilst I would profoundly disagree with all four of these people on many national issues, they are clearly working hard locally.

I wish my local (LibDem) councillor did something like this. We get semi regular editions of 'Focus' through the door, but they tend to be anti Labour as much as anything positive.......... For instance trying to compare the closure of a local sports centre with the war in Iraq - (!! eh? !!), or criticising Labour for going into coalition rule with the Tories (when until recently the LibDems had been doing exactly the same thing in the city!!!!!)

Maida Vale's blog is very impressive and looks great. An example for Conservative campaigners up and down the country !!

Comstock: you must have particularly repellent Lib Dems in your place if the Party of Truth & Beauty prefers to coalesce with Labour.

The Maida Vale blog is indeed a great example of what a local councillor's blog should be. Very impressed!

Lee Rowley's Maida Vale blog is brilliant. Am planning to set up similar site next door in the Abbey Road Ward. It is exactly how new generation Conservatives should be communicating with the electorate. Moreover, what a campaign tool for the next election! Every Conservative Ward should follow suit...

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