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All very good blogs. I would highlight a couple of perhaps lesser known blogs which I enjoy James Cleverly (good on military matters) and Chris Whiteside who is a PPC in Cumbria.
Dales' blog though is the most famous and in my opinion, the best. Required reading for those who are interested in what's going on within the Conservative party.

Humbled and honoured. Sys Admin code monkey rather than pure programmer.

Should probably give it to Iain now rather than hold a poll :)

There's a difference?!

Thank you for the nomination. FWIW I always cite Dizzy as the individual Tory blog and I take full credit for him as I link to him ALMOST as often as I link to ConservativeHome. He's my bitch. :)


It would be cliched to vote for Iain! I vote for BourM for being one of the most substantial blogs around.

Bit of a goldfish bowl in here?

As mentioned on BOM, I've been poolside with Correlli Barnett, so I missed this until now. I'm extraordinarily chuffed to be considered in such esteemed company.

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