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Only slightly 'reluctant' - I'm a member and intermittent activist, /honest/.

Anyway, I'm honoured. Thank you.

Another good selection! The New Culture Forums blog is my favourite kind - intellectual and considered.

Weren't there eight categories originally? Or am I being dim?

Also, Praguetory gets my vote on this one.

Chris, based on the comments, or lack of, on the previously suggested categories we've amended them a little.

Really appreciate the nomination. Cheers guys.

The Croydonian is certainly worth a read - both well written and informative.

The Croydonian is certainly worth a read - both well written and informative.

My vote goes to Croydonian:
_ for the breadth of his posts
_ for his superb research
_ for finding the stories others would never find
_ for being a consummate wordsmith
_ for his sound, and always humane politics
_ for bringing together such a disparate and interesting collection of commentators and making them 'play nicely' together

Even though I am a liberal (lower case) I am a huge fan of the Croydonian, not just because I like to read right wing agit-prop that gets my dander up, but because it is remarkably clever and witty.

Which is not what one would expect from Croydon.

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