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Glad you didn't include Guido Fawkes (not that he's anonymous anymore anyway, maybe that's why). He's lost a lot of credibility recently.

Out of those three Cranmer stands apart by a mile.

Cranmer? Bit theo-con, don't you think?

Watlington and Cranmer are both excellent, although it would be good to see Watlington post more frequently.

I share the Editor's caution about anonymity though. Particularly in some of the threads on this site where anonymous contributors have destroyed some high quality debates.

The post was written by Deputy Editor Sam, Simon.

That war criminal Mugabe gains some credibility at the UN. Zimbabwe will head up the UN's sustainable development body. See:

Economic despair

What exactly are Watlington's "insights on the foreign policy front"? All he seems to do is parrot the line taken by Conservatives Apologists for IDF bulldozers and snipers, er, sorry, the line taken by CFI.

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