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The Conservatives aren't planning for coalition. They are aiming to
1) attract LibDem voters
2) split the Liberal Party through toying with the idea of coalition.

The fact that a coalition might happen is an inevitable consequence of a hung parliament - and would damage the Libdems far more than the Conservatives.

Agree with Greg above,


I just ran across this site and, as a truly Conservative "Yank" (Southern U.S.), I am really encouraged to read the articles and comments here.

The pond just became so much smaller. :)

Keep up the good fight. The Conservative movement is based on reason, sound policy, and intelligent solutions; Libs got none of these. That is your strength and future.

The Conservatives have a geographical problem which pre-determines outcomes. They can win in the South of england, probably in the Southwest, but they will not add seats in the North and large parts of the Midlands......so they will be short of any majority in The Commons and can only hope that Labour is imn worse shape overall

Whether it be doing shoddy deals with Lib Dems;

Grouping constituencies rather than making a genuine effort to rebuild local organisation on a constituency by constituency basis;

Or seeking to deny members a vote in the selection of candidates;

Abandoning Tory principles to pander to the liberal prejudices of the media;

The L