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I have a wonderful resource to share with you. I hope I am not too late!

I have 2 blogs with Typepad (www.honestmedicine.com and www.webbasedpr.com), and am generally very happy with both of them. However, recently, I was having such trouble with Typepad's help group over one particular problem. I sent help ticket after help ticket, trying to get this one problem solved. Each time they "answered" me, I became even more confused. I BEGGED them (thru a help ticket, of course) to talk with me on the phone. Of course, they refused.

We went through about 15 back-and-forth help tickets in all. I was in tears.

Then, I went online and did a serious search for a "Typepad consultant."

I found her. She was able to solve my problem in record time -- and for under $100. Her name is Sharilyn Horne and her site is http://www.sharilynhorne.com/.

I cannot recommend Sharilyn more highly. She helped me more than I can ever say. She is a miracle.

Thanks so much.
Julia Schopick

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