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I think this is a mistake on the part of the tories. Labour are going to attack his appearance as 'more Dave Cameron showbiz hype!'. As you have said, there are many reasons to dislike Schwarzenegger's politics, and by getting a 'big name star' to 'perform' for the tories is likely to play right into the hands of the opposition.

This is awful news. SkyNews are saying that the speech will be about "climate change" which means that we'll have a man elected under a conservative banner but who consistently governs from the left - who believes in high taxes and big government - lecturing us about Al Gore-ish dodgy science.

I won't be at Conference this year, but if I was then this would be one speech to miss in favour of going down the nearest pub.

Geoff: when Republicans in the US speak about climate change they do so in a much more robust (and, frankly, conservative) way than British Conservatives do!

Geoff I don't think you can dismiss the very real problem of climate change as "dodgy science"! I for one will be most interested to hear what Arnie has to say and I think it will be a packed hall!

It's pretty clear that the economy will suffer if we don't start to be concerned about the environment and the impact worldwide will be huge.

Even if you don't like the "woolly" argument in favour of tackling climate change, you surely can't fail to be affected by the economic one.

I forgot to mention, I think Schwarzenegger is a good catch for the Tory conference. He is certainly no lightweight. He is a popular and successful governor with a high profile.

I'll certainly do my best to see the speech.

As Governor Schwarzenegger is one of the few senior Republicans that doesn't have his head buried either in the sand or deep in his own backside when it comes to climate change, this news should be welcomed warmly (no pun intended!).

I disagree with Governor Schwarzenegger on a few issues too. But he is one of the men I have most admired. He is the definition of the American dream. I see him, like Margaret Thatcher in some ways (though I do not compare him to her political genius and leadership) as a tribute to what the human will is capable of when it just asserts itself.

He wrote his own script.

I saw the speech Tim refers to on TV. It amused me that Schwarzenegger had the guts to praise, of all people, Richard Nixon at a political convention and to do so openly and without embarassment.

This is a major catch for Cameron. Under Gov. S CA has led the way on carbon emissions. Again amusingly, Arnie did not get rid of his famous Hummer but had it specially converted to be environmentally friendly!

I will also try to see the speech.

Brown advice to students pre-tuition fees

Brown Sauce

Gordon's top tips on milking the welfare state
By Sadie Gray
Published: 09 April 2007

Gordon Brown urged students to live like "parasites", cashing in on social security and scrounging food, drinks and baths in posh hotels in a booklet he compiled during his time at Edinburgh University.

In the 200-page guide, he refers to social security benefits as "free money" and advises anyone who is caught trying to con someone that "you may think you are guilty, but legal advice can show otherwise".

Mr Brown was 22 when he edited the booklet....

I couldn't agree more than with Tor T above, let's go out and destroy them!

The "Governator" and his entourage will be travelling and staying first class. There could be another cost too - to plant trees to compensate for carbon emmissions of the Governator's air travel.

The bill, likely to be well into six figures, will probably be paid by CCHQ, i.e. grassroots activists. Quite frankly, the money would be better spent on campaigning in target seats.

Wonderful news! Let's invite Rudi, too!

Rudy would certainly be my top choice Justin!

It'll get some extra publicity and probably won't do any harm to Conservative support, probably will only have a very small long term effect though.

It adds up to a picture of the Tories being taken seriously internationally though Yet Another and that can only be good.

He might have made a very big impact if he had addressed a Conservative Party conference back in the 1990's, but his popularity and familiarity has waned.

In fact the whole Cameroonian PR approach would probably be much more delighted with Morgan Freeman or Jim Carrey.

It adds up to a picture of the Tories being taken seriously internationally though Yet Another and that can only be good.
Arnold Schwarzenegger though has had links with the UK for some time, he's in trouble with both Republicans and Democrats and may well not be governor for long.

John McCain obviously was a very significant speaker; if they could get Newt Gingrinch or the leader of India's BJP, or the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, or Vladimir Putin these are major international figures, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bit of a spent force though.

Putin!!!! Are you serious? He's a despot.

He's a leader of a country with vast natural resources and now quite a thriving economy.

Let's have Chavez then as well...

I've always had something of a soft spot for the Governator. The point here is that, unlike the leader of India's BJP, or the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party Schwarzenegger is someone who the public - particularly those who aren't political anoraks - recognise and are interested in. He will generate massive press coverage in media which doesn't focus on politics - and that will be very positive indeed. In that respect he will be a far stronger asset than Mclain was. It's just a shame his visit comes between elections...

Let's have Chavez then as well
Hugo Chavez is a nobody, Venezuela is not an economic power and whereas Vladimir Putin has received huge support in Russia and the Russian Duma is still a powerful organisation whereas Hugo Chavez has arranged to receive the power to rule by decree - he is now a dictator in much the same way as Robert Mugabe is.

Forget Schwarzenegger and green issues. The only colour the Conservatives should be concerned about at the moment is red, as in the red blood being shed by our servicemen in Iraq. Why is Cameron so pathetically silent on this issue?

I like that speech, very good indeed. If only Cameron would come out with one of those...

It'll be interesting to see what the Governator has to say.

Arnie made some splendid movies, and the point about direct democracy is well-taken, but he is not conservative on issues of principle, despite occasional rhetorical flourishes. He has done little or nothing to roll back the deviant agenda in California, where perv propaganda assaults on the schools are common-place.

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