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Thank you Nick.

It's fantastic to have such a detailed response to the various comments left on CH. Cheers, Nick!

Very good
Is that a commitment to break up the Met into Boroughs so that we can get away from central, PC PCs like Sir Ian, once the Serious Crime, Anti-terrorist and Dilomatic Protection wings have been spun off? Will these arms now be funded centrally rather than being a burden just on Londoners? This is especially important with the 2012 Games.

The fact that Nick Herbert takes time out of his hectic schedule to address the concerns of ConHome readers is great testament to the continued - and in recent weeks, growing - influence of this site. Great stuff!

I agree with all the above comments.It is certainly pleasing to get a detailed response. I can see a case for more extensive training of all Officers and just not Senior ones. I still feel that the Direct entry of senior officers will be unpalatable to the lower ranks. It will be interesting to see the response from the Police Federation.

Nick - It would be useful if you could find time to comment on the two stories running on my blog... about police managers using dubious practice to massage detection rates; and about a sly method of increasing the stats for police patrolling our streets when they are doing nothing of the sort.
Detection rates and Police Visibility

The first story links into the second. You may wish to consider some of the comments from long-suffering rank and file officers who are fed up with these target-driven sleights of hand that undermine public confidence in our police. Kind regards.

I know Nick is away now on holiday and may not have internet access. It may be some time therefore before he's able to answer any more questions.

OK, thanks Tim.

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