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Hilarious. You do this story, and forget to do the homophobic candidate story....classic

"Nonny Mouse" -- quite right for CH to ignore the "homophobic" story -- which Darren Millar says is untrue. If CH responded to every malicious election-time smear, we’d be talking about nothing else.

The Conservative Party has quite a high proportion of openly gay members and activists, and I don't think that the label "homophobic" is even vaguely justified.

Well said, Mark

Why is it that any reference to Homosexuality in anything other than fully approving tones results in accusations of homophobia?

Tories climb in polls + Labour decline in polls = accusations of tory homophobia followed by accusations of racism.

Typical Left-wing tactics, best ignored!

On this story, however, I'm not surprised to see the tories fall. Nick Bourne isn't a very effective leader in Wales and when you offer 'common sense' and an 'alternative', Dave, you have to do more than ape the Labour party. People want change, not more of the same!

"I dont bother with polls" - yeah right and this is the bloke that quotes any opinion poll with a Conservative lead whenever hes in the media spotlight!

Tories dispute 'gay sin' comments.

Wayne, can you point me to a single example of Cameron quoting polls?

I was at Darren Millar's hustings last night and he categorically did not say homosexuality is a sin; the UKIP candidiate however did say it is a sin.

Darren's Labour opponent is so desperate that he is planting questions in an attempt to make life difficult.

Darren has been the target of a concerted and nasty campaign by Labour to smear him. I am suprised the media fell for it. Labour are desperate to save their necks as they know that the real vote is not going to be good for them.

I totally agree with John & Matt, we know whats happening on the doorstep.
Labour & Plaid are in steep decline and no amount of spin or scare stories will change that.
The Conservatives have excellent candidates back by a first rate professional team and come 3rd May the only poll that matters will show the true picture.

Bloody labour - they planted a PhD in Biology in the audience to ask a silly question about creationism. It's obvious that a labour party card makes him unfit to do post doc research in this field. And then another trot asked our man "did he think homosexuality was a sin?" How unfair can you get??

Some of our so called gays are not so,they are perfectly straight as we say.However,they would not be where they are today had they not declared their false gayness.I know this kind of thing goes on in other areas as a means of rising quickly through the ranks.Is it cheating?
Or,is it a case of,All is fair in.....

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