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Will David Millipede is a bit wet and shallow for the FCO, but anything that removes the Diplomatic Bag is probably an improvement.

If Brown re-orders the DTI and DEFRA to throw up (as it were) a more strategic Energy Department then Dr Fox might find a perfect new berth within the Shadow Cabinet.

One of the worst things Gordon Brown could do would be a reorganisation of government departments. Things always fall between the cracks in such reviews.

Mr. Fox hasn't exactly covered himself in glory. He recently flunked an opportunity to skewer Des Browne over the Iranian debacle, something David Davis would have managed with ease.

Here is Rory Bremners version of Broons budget speech...


Balls lacks media skills - I don't think he is up to one of the big jobs. He hasn't even had his own department!

Can't see Balls as Chancellor right away. Brown must realise that he's an incompetent media performer and debater. I think Straw is more likely in that role with Balls as chief sec to the treasury and pulling the strings along with Brown.

I agree about Balls. He may have been a key adviser in Brown's Treasury team, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he has the skills experience or gravitas yet to become Chancellor.

Milliband, Balls & Reid, not so much a triple crown more a crown of thorns for Brown methinks.

The inability of the Labour party to produce ministers of any talent whatsoever does rather put our difficulties over the London Mayoral candidate into perspective.

Straw is not seen as safe enough by the City - too much of a young lefty.

I don't suppose the 'Hilary Benn for Foreign Secretary, sorry, Deputy Leader' campaign team will be too pleased about the David Miliband speculation.

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