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Unfortunately it can't be the Scottish Unionist Party, as one already exists.

See link.

Scotland First

Reform would be a good name. The party north of the border should not be defined by Unionism but by its commitment to reduce the suffocating size of the Scottish state. Low tax Ireland should be the model of what Scottish Reform should promise Scotland's voters.

From "The Scotsman" website comment board:

There is already a Scottish Unionist Party:

P.S. "Scottories"? ;-)

PPS For general info,I am not a "troll". Name is Ken Stevens but I post under a pseudonym more indicative of the fact that I am an ordinary interested floating voter, rather than any sort of political activist, Tory or otherwise.

Talk of name changing alone is a bit superficial for ConservativeHome. The change in the Scottish party needs to be more fundamental. My suggestion is that the Scottish Tories become the Scottish Democrats and promise direct democracy for Scotland where all major decisions are voted on by a wired voting population. This is the sort of radicalism that will give the party a new start.

It should not be "Scottish Unionists"(it already exists?). Something that shows they are not another socialist party (Lab-lib-SNP) and one that believes in the individual. Scottish Enterprise party?

Scotland Future?

em just googled scottish enterprise party and i see the name is already taken......but I was right about the connatations.

The People's Front of Scotland
The Scottish People's Front
The Scottish Popular People's Front


Scottish Democrats .

Nice one Cranmer,
How about the "Scottish Suicide Squad"?

Scottish progresives.

No party should use words like reform or progressive in its name.

How about the Scottish Freedom Party? That will give it a truly separate identity from the High Tory statists in Millbank.

Och Aye The Noo Conservatives

How about we drop the whole barmy idea?

The name is less important than the relationship between the UK Party and the Scots (or Welsh or dare I say it English) one. Scots Conservatives is just as good a name as any other if it's clear it is firstly a Scots party with Scots interests at heart, then a unionist party in federation with the UK Conservatives.

What a bloody joke, the latest in the round of PR initiatives that do nothing to address the real issues.

The whole point of the party is that it is Conservative and Unionist - and used to style itself as such. I'm not aware of any popular mood to alter that cornerstone of party policy. If there is, how about going back to core values and returning to the Tory Party?

We can take comfort in the fact that the party will outlast the image-conscious upper class twits who've hijacked the leadership.

How about --

(*) Tartan Tories

(*) Roamin, in the gloamin, wi' a commitment to lower taxes and enterprise by my side

(*) I like the idea of a community of Conservatives - what about "Conservative Union", or C.U. (Jimmy)

(*) Scottish Nationalist?

Scottish Conservative Unionist Party perhaps? Surely though if it's going to be an independent party then it should be those who will be it's initial members who pick it's name.

Yet Another Anon - Scottish Conservative Unionist Party would provoke headlines like SCUP-PERED I dont know if thats a good idea!

Scottish Progressives is a perfectly good name - Scottish Tories ran under the banner of 'Progressives' in local elections in many areas until the 1970s

MacTories drowning not waving

How's about 'Tartan Tories' or 'Righton Jock' or Scottish People Only, Right and Nationalist, (S.P.O.R.A.N.) Then again there's 'Right Awae' I'm sure we can come up with something!!

How about the Wee Frees?

Scot Free?

Seriously, Scotland First, Scottish Liberal Party (that'll confuse them), Scottish Unity? Scottish Union sounds too much like a building society.


Conservative Caledonians

Don't do it!

If you must, then keep the word 'Conservative' in the title. Scottish Conservative Party would be best.

Why does the autonomy have to mean a name change? I know some people will think changing the name is a good idea; that doesn't mean we have to change it.

This whole idea seems very unwise.

'Scottish Christian Democratic Party'. Drop ANY reference to 'conservative-ism' the brand is too tainted up here because i) the party has allowed it to happen; ii) Scotland's print media (apart from DC Thompson) is anti-conservative, and pro-wet lefty.

I think Scottish Progressives is already too taken as is the Scottish Enterprise Party.

As mentioned above the Scottish Unionist Party currently exists - I got a leaflet from them as a huge Orange parade marched through Edinburgh.

For goodness sake drop the whole silly idea. The Conservative Party has always been the party in favour of the Union - why stop being so at this critical stage? It takes the bunch of out-of-touch, trust-fund, upper class twits who have hijacked the party to put forward this moronic suggestion. Save the Union - it may not be a fashionable belief now but, like Kipling's Lords of the Copybook Headings, its fundamental value will become evident again.

Dare I suggest the Scottish Highlands and Islands Tories?

Seriously, it is time that the Scottish Conservatives actually picked a Leader capable of re-building the party AND attracting voters.

Scottish Enterprise Party

Agree with TFA's suggestion, the Scottish Freedom Party.

Unionist Alliance

Ones to avoid

Scottish Conservative Action Team
Conservative Radical Action Party
Scottish Conservative Radical Action Party
Conservative Unionists and Nationalists Together for Scotland

Lord Strathclyde led a whole consultation process on this just after the 97 election (I think) and the members decided on Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party. Lots of suggestions went around the houses including Progressive Unionist Party(!).

In the end the Scottish members wanted Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party then and I really don't see it changing now.

Scottish Liberty Party?
Scottish Patriotic Party?
Scottish Peoples' Party?
Scottish Capitalist Party?

The Broons.

David - don't you mean "Scottish People Only, Raving Right and Nationalist", (S.P.O.R.R.A.N.)?

They should switch the words around:

The Unionist and Conservative Party
The Unionist and Green Party.

At the end of the day, we've lost our main constituency in scotland: the unionists. We need to get them back, and then give Celtic supporters lots of Family Values policies. Transform a double negative into a double positive, if you know what I mean.

Capitalism Party?
Smith Party?
The Frees?

I like Wee Frees.

Democratic Unionist Party

Don't like the idea of using the word Progressive.

Progress = progress

Progressive = anticonservative left-wing cockup

... Dave's the leader who *doesn't* reach parts (of the country) other lagers, er, leaders do?

When Shall We Three Meet Again?

Shower of Scotland
The Cameron Highlanders
The Crankies

1. The Vanishing Party
2. Scottish Preservatives
3. Scottish Convenience Party
4. Scottish Opportunistic Party
5. Scottish Reactionary Party
6. The Unnecessary Party
7. Scottish Unwanted Party
8. Scottish Conservative, Pyjama, and Bottle Party
9. Scottish Westminster Rule Party
10.Cameron Loyalist Party

This is all rather dangerous as it sends the message of schism, surely the Tories are the party of unionism, not devolution. Or, is DC secretly following the plans of the EU and the creation of "the regions".
A devolved Scotland reduces the UK's weight in negotiations with Brussels, which is a good thing if you are a Europhile, but otherwise a bad thing for this country.
Scottish Tories need to press the economic points very hard, devolution will cause taxes to rise in Scotland, as the UK will cut off monies.

An apposite name might well be: The West Lothian Party.

The Numpty Party.

Og @ 14.12, thank you for making me laugh out loud.

"Although the official CCHQ response has been denial of the plans (see, for example, The Guardian), other unnamed Tories have confirmed the Spectator story."
Well I would like to see these unnamed conservative sources unmasked and the actual members of the Scottish Conservative party consulted before ConHom continues it's push to dump the party North of the Border!
A thread on "Names please for the new Scottish party..." is out of place.

Scots' Progress Party: "Less SNP, more SPP"

To vary my previous suggestion

British Caledonian Party

I'm glad Scottish Unionist Party is already taken. I don't think the party should tie itself to being Unionist. That's a huge barrier for it I may be more inclined to vote for it if it wasn't so wedded to the outdated Union, as would a lot of people. Let's hope the 'Christian' suggesttion above doesn't catch on either. I could think of few better ways to alienate yet more people from the party. None of the other suggesttions are really grabbing me, save for maybe having 'reform' or 'progressive' in the name.

How about an open online vote of the Scottish people to decide the new name and new policies of the party? Could be a very invigorating process.

As the comedy show above indicates you cannot support legislative devolution and be a unionist or a unionist party.

To be a unionist you must accept that the authority of the British people is exclusively transmitted into the UK Parliament by sending MP's to sit there.

The Conservative and Unionist Party by accepting legislative devolution has decided NOT to be a unionist party - this is the reason for the current panto.

The answer is simple - Repeal legislative devolution and introduce equal representation of all 646 constituencies.

The Party for Opportunity, Reform, Resurgence And Global Enterprise (PORRAGE)

Connell old bean ,
what you say is correct but in the world of practical politics 2007 the former pre-eminence of the British parliament as stated in Article 111 of the Act of Union 1707 thus:

"That the United Kingdom of Great Britain be Represented by one and the same Parliament, to be stiled the Parliament of Great Britain."

cannot be resurrected .There is now a Scottish Parliament and a Welsh Assembly

The only logical answer is an effectively federal United Kingdom with national parliaments for each of the Nations of the United Kingdom . This implies an English Parliament within the United Kingdom and would give the UK a new lease of life .

The Humanitarian Alliance for Green Growth In Scotland (HAGGIS)

The Better Administered Government Party for Increased Private Enterprise (BAGPIPE)

How about a slogan, William?

Scottish Chancellor Only Taxes Less After Noticeable Discontent perhaps?

You've all got very silly but it is holiday time I suppose!

Editor, I don't think the fact that most of the suggestions are silly is insignificant.

It's an inevitable consequence of the stupid nature of the original idea of splitting the Party without thinking through the long term effects.

Conservative Annabel (Leader) Expects Details Of Name Invention Abruptly?


Barnett Recipients Assemble Very Expensive Holyrood Executive Administration - Reform Tories

(I think I must have sunstroke or something!)

The Holyrood Organisation for Obliterating Taxes in Scotland and Mobilising Our Nation (HOOTSMON)

The Highland Electoral Reform Executive Seeking A More Opportunity-Orientated Social Environment Leading to Optimal Organic Supply-side Effects Augmenting Business Operation Over The Totality of Holyrood and Inspiring Stronger Healthier Organisation Of Scottish Enterprise

This is an excellent idea. And I'm afraid that I have to disagree with Tom Greeves - that people might show a sense of humour on this site needn't imply that the subject they are discussing is inherently absurd...

I like "Scots Freedom Party," but I would be worried that it almost implies freedom from England in an anti-unionist sort of way. Scots Free Democrats or something perhaps...?

"Scots Free Democrats or something perhaps...?"

Well...if it had the same membership as the Tory party, that might indeed be a way of describing the nationality of the activists...

I think the award for best comment of the year was awarded this afternoon at 17:37 to William Norton!!!

My meagre offering: "New Scotland"

Or is that too dangerous?

Only one things wrong with William's suggestion - we've pledged in the manifesto to to get rid of Scottish Enterprise...

Liberal Unionist Party, because we're laid back and at ease with devolution, the union and such. Would really throw them as well.

If it's an acronym you're after, Wullie 17.12/17.37 -

Radical Alliance for the Betterment of Caledonia, Northern Extremities, Scottish Business and International Tartan Trading(RABCNESBITT)

Forget a new name or party. Stop apologising, get up off of their knees, proclaim traditional Tory policies of cutting taxes, cutting waste, hammer criminals and stand up for traditional social and moral values

I suggest the Freedom and Whisky Party (after David Farrer's blog) but it might be too libertarian or libertine for the religious right on this site.

The British Conservative Party.

The biggest mistake would be to name the new party "Unionist". The Unionist name was adopted to reflect the troubled situation in Ireland a century ago and has nothing to do with Scotland. It has retained a sectarian whiff up to today, though English correspondents probably don't understand this. The Orange Order recently organised a large march in defence of the Union through the centre of Edinburgh. Apart from the fact that a huge proportion of those taking part had made their way from Belfast the march did no more than annoy Edinburgh and strengthen opposition to the Union.
The last thing Scotland needs is this deabte soiled by sectarianism and the Tory Party which already has an unsavoury reputation of seeking the Orange vote in Scotland would be well advised to do nothing that associates itself anymore with such sentiment. One of Mrs Thatchers less wise actions in Scotland (and there were many)was to try to strengthen the association of the Tories with Rangers FC and the Orange vote.
For several months now I have been collating a survey the SNP has distributed about Argyll and Bute. We have distributed over 25,000 of these with Freepost envelopes.The returns (we have had over 2000)are very interesting. The SNP is likely to take this seat from the present LibDem incumbent on the basis of these. The other question is whether Tory or Labour will be fourth. The Tories used to count Argyll as their own. This is similar to what has happened across Scotland. I expect the Tories to achieve less than 14% of the Scottish vote.
What is even more intersting is the number of former Tory voters about to vote SNP - and I have reports of this startling departure from many other seats. As my Kintyre organiser has just informed me - and this is a hugely valid distinction - the Unionist Tories are voting Tory but the economist Tories are voting SNP.
A Scottish Tory party named the Scottish Unionist Party or similar with the defence of the Union as its raison d'etre is doomed. That arguement has been lost though it may take a few years for this to be fully understood.
A Scottish Tory party, espousing the traditional Tory values without the Union albatros would have huge appeal. One of the more traditional Tory values is sturdy self-reliance - which makes it difficult for clear thinking Tories to subscribe to received wisdom that Scotland should cling onto England for handouts.
But I don't think that Granny Goldie understands any of this.

Sadly this whole idea is demonstrative of the problem of letting PR spivs run things. When the going gets tough rather then addressing the issues and solving the problems they go for a quick re-brand and an arms length approach to ensure plausible deniability when it all comes crashing down again. At first glance I was in favour of the separation but the more I think about the reality and the consequences the more I have gone off the whole idea I'm afraid.

Nobody in ENGLAND gives a stuff what scots call themselves.

We in England are the English Conservatives but we are not to be found on CCHQ blogsite.

(Get that sorted Cameron).

We dont want a new ruddy name we would just like our own Parliament and to govern ourselves out side of the EU.

Progressive conveys a name strong in Scottish political history and was understood to be non Labour right of centre
In 1972 I was sounded out to stand in a hopeless ward as a Progressive on Glasgow City Council. Actually there were legal difficulties such as not living in the City Boundary for one although it was a moot point as to the status of an undergraduate
Interesting point in those days (late 1960s/early 1970s) when we (mainly Conservatives) stood as Progressives we won Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee City Councils.
Incidentally when Iain Hamilton and some other Glasgow undergraduates removed the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey in 1950, one of their helpers was a Progressive Coucnillor on Glasgow City Council.

Exactly, Struan. If the Scottish Tories continue to set themselves up as irredeemably "Unionist" they will continue to be doomed. To be a Tory and to favour an independent Scotland are in no sense incompatible and the sooner this is understood the better (for the Tories and for Scotland).

Can ijust say that David McEwan Hill's posts on this have been excellent.

That is all.

Hi Homie
teh best article I have read on teh very first day of teh year. thanks
Anyway, what do you think about small?

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