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Lord! You couldn't make it up.

Having watched that I don't feel particularly encouraged to watch again!

Forget the politics Tony. More "do I look bothered?" skits please!

Comments on the site are apparently only visible once they've been approved. By whom, I wonder?

YouTube channels can have moderators, Paul, so it'll be someone in Labour HQ.

So - I doubt we'll be seeing my constructive criticism then Tim!

They're a bit slow on the update.
We were one of the first:



very poor really,


Bad, bad, bad, bad...

Thought Tony Blair was meant to be able to act? Reading a script against a boring background, obviously unprepared and rushed.

At leadt he wasn't doing dishes without his sleeves rolled up, Ted!

Made that mistake this morning - dressing gown sleeves still not dry! Must be a Conservative thing to do :-)

Excellent, a propaganda channel that invites riposte, rather self-defeating for NuLab. Clearly the Socialist boys and girls will spend more time policing the site, to remove the return flak, than actually getting round to posting their seditious and mendacious clap-trap.
Oh what fun to be had.....

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