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I too detest the idea of joining in with any petitions to 10 Downing Street, just so the Supreme Spammer in Chief can build a database of email addresses.

I would prefer a Royal Navy ship to be named HMS Margaret Thatcher rather than Iron Lady, I believe she deserves this little extra "dignity".

Duke of Wellington, who also stood firm against a tyrant."

NO he didn't. He fought on the battlefield in India, Portugal, Spain, and Belgium and France....... before he became Prime Minister.

Is there an HMS Nelson in the Royal Navy ? An HMS Prince of Wales ?

HMS Nelson is the Portsmouth Naval Base and HMS Prince of Wales is - I believe - reserved for one of the two Carriers now being designed.

No doubt Tony's legacy will require a HMS Blair to commemorate all the good our PM has done for the armed forces...

You should be warned that joining Facebook is very bad for productivity in the office...

... but no worse than discovering ConservativeHome.

HMS Iron Lady, hear hear. In fact, let's have a whole fleet of them.

Absolutely love facebook - life is incomplete without it!

"You should be warned that joining Facebook is very bad for productivity in the office..."

Tell me about it! I tried giving it up for lent and failed catastrophically.

Although in the brief time that I managed to stay away a group was set up campaigning for my will power to break!

Thanks Donata - I wish you had warned me before Sam and I started on this Facebook enterprise! :-)

Donata - if I could become a non smoker you could have held out !

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