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Happy Pesach.

And a very happy Easter to you too Tim. Enjoy your 1 day holiday!

A very happy Easter to everyone at Conservativehome.com, lets hope the ressurection of our Parties popularity continues too!

Happy Easter! Will go to the church in Saffron Walden, where the in-laws live, and have a G&T with the gay priests after mass (can't make All Saints, St. Margaret's Street...) followed by an Easter egg-hunt with my 18 month-old nieces

May the peace, blessings and joy of the reality of the Resurrection be with all.


Happy Easter AND Happy Pesach! Enjoy the service Tim and take some ear plugs with you just in case!

Argh, I'm hooked to the net! I've only been in Austria for an hour and I'm online! Happy Easter all.

Why have Iranian New Year Greetings been ommitted?

Happy Easter. Delighted to hear that 'Bubbles' Stancliffe is continuing to crack open the Paschal champers despite the
nickname it has earned him.

Hapy Easter one and all - weather great, cousins visiting with three children under 5 so the Easter Egg hunt to be set up and the Sunday Times and News of the World have good Easter gifts for the Conservatives in latest polls.

Sam, your a dedicated star!

Tim, your description of Salisbury 5 am service almost made this good Catholic consider getting up at 4 am to get to the Cathedral by 5 - then I remembered the 60-70 hour weeks I've had since September and ....to sleep, perchance....

It must have been a good description because I, an atheist, was also tempted.

Oh dear, I am ashamed to admit an alarm clock failure and I have only just woken up. My guest for the weekend and I will now be going to a later service.

So which one of you is Peter and which is John?

Oh hang on that's Good Friday
Long time since I was at Sunday School.
Fortunately the Chapel Royal is 11.15 and the organist would expire, if anyone brought a cow bell. Straight 1662 too.

Forgot that the Brompton Oratory had moved the Easter Vigil mass to 9.30pm and arrived too late. Sung mass at my local parish church at 11am having almost overslept! Happy Easter.

It would be nice to say Happy Easter but I feel such deep heartfelt sorrow for the 4 soldiers killed in Iraq. You see their young smiling faces in the media yes young 19 year olds with a whole lifetime in front of them, cruelly cut down in a place we no nothing about to quote Chamberlain.
There is nothing more tragic than seeing a younge person die. I,m 56, if I died now I,ve had a reasonable innings but the young 19 yr olds, their lives had only just begun.
So this Easter lets make a resolution and stop bad mouthing our young people. True there are young scallywags but every generation (including myself) has had its share, it mostly part of growing up.
Todays generation of young people are equally as fine and honourable be it serving in the forces, hospitals etc as those that have gone before.
I pray this Easter that all our young people are able to survive the dangers they have been subjected to in Blairs misbegotten wars in Iraq and elswhere and return to their homes safe and sound.

David McEwen Hill's note as to why the new Scottish Conservative Party should NOT adopt the name the Scottish Unionist Party is thought provoking . It would seem that there are overtones to such a name in Scotland that are not evident to anyone in England .

Another name then .


My thoughts on this Easter Sunday to our heroic casualties in the Middle East .

And damn that ignorant fool Blair for ever allowing this situation to arise in the first place .

I hav'nt been to the paschal ceremonies since boarding school at St Hilda's. No alarm clocks to miss Tim, the Nuns Order of the Holy Paraclete, High anglican) dragged us all out of bed! We had to wear our uniform white dresses that we wore for mass, and special blue veils. Probably the only time in my life I have ever looked angelic. The Chapel was lit by loads of candles, and I c an still remember the smell of the incense, and the c andle wax.
That was in the 1940s, but that school is not running any m ore. Modern youth couldnt hack it!!

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