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Sounds very interesting, especially if as well as focusing "on a variety of issues of concern to those who feel disenfranchised by the main political parties" it also focuses on issues of concern to those very manyConservative party menbers & activists who feel disenfranchised by the party itself currently.

Are you going to replace UKIP ... please

It sounds like Stefan Shakespeare is pushing Tim out of 18 Doughty Street to rebrand the site. The campaigns did not fit with 18 DS's proclaimed "anti-establishment" stance. Perhaps they harmed its chances of reaching a wider audience and attracting advertising revenue.

Dear Tim

Does this mean that 18DoughtyStreet will now become impartial, cross-party and non-party political?

i.e. Will you have Labour, Lib Dem and non affiliated people working their? as staff?


What Paul Williams, you mean like the BBC have Tories and other non institutionally left wingers working there..... not.

TFA Tory, No one has been pushed out. Tim was, is and will remain a good friend of everyone at 18 Doughty Street. He most certainly has not been "pushed out" as I am sure he will confirm. The Campaigns side will be run by Tim separately, but we will still be showing the videos he makes and highlighting particular causes.

In response to Paul Williams, we have always had people on the left working here. One of our crew even proclaims to be a Communist, although he wasn't to keen when I suggested that if he were a true Communist he's take the minimum wage. We're keen to widen our appeal across the political spectrum but that does not mean we will become any less opinionated. We have Peter Tatchell, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Claire Fox and Christian Wolmar as left of centre presenters and I hope we will be making more programmes which have an appeal beyond the right.

We will still be as far to the right as the BBC is to the left, just to provide a smidgeon of balance.

"Are you going to replace UKIP ... please"
Replace with what? An ego driven prima donna with a bee in their bonnet for being sacked who thinks that they're the best thing since sliced bread and couldn't run, let alone start a political party? We have the Kilroy T-Shirt on that one thanks very much; without needing an academic variety.

"Are you going to replace UKIP ... please"


Open Europe, Global Vision, Bruges Group .... all good stuff yes. But where's the campaign I can be a part of? I'd deliver leaflets, knock on doors, write letters - for any of them, but they never ask.

The staff and customers in Curly's Corner Shop wish you well in your new venture! Please advise when the first batch of commercials are available for sale (either under or over the counter!)

Just to be clear Tim, is this an expansion of the Conservativehome site And how will the 'issues' to be pressed be selected?

I can't answer that question yet Oberon.

I will add a few things at this stage, however:

1. I will now be able to give more time to ConservativeHome and BritainAndAmerica because of this change. I've actually been away from 18DS for nearly two weeks now and some regular readers may have noticed a greater intensity of posting?

2. I wish 18DoughtyStreet.com every success and will regularly be promoting their output from these pages.

3. There'll be something new tomorrow as a taster of things to come...

Very good, candidly speaking I think we need to spread the talent rather than concentrating it. With Sams able efforts I think CH can support a broader platform. Interested to see how things pan out.

Good luck Tim with your new initiative.

I'm no use at reading between lines, so I don't really know what this means. But if it signals that Conservative Home will become even more anti-party then I'm sad.

It doesn't mean that this site will become "even more anti-party", Graeme. There's no need to read between the lines. That's all there is by way of information at this stage. More will become clear in due course.

I wish you all the best with the new initiative - I think if we were all being honest you're better sticking to what you know than to presenting...

I think you are right, Dave. I was not a good presenter.

But you are an absolutely fantastic blogger. Keep up the good work.


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