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Appallingly bad taste. I would like to see how the author of these comments would cope in similar circumstances. Given that they lack the balls to even put their name to their "comments", I think it's fairly easy to imagine.

Brave sailor boy Arthur Batchelor described to the Daily Mirror the chillingly sadistic way he was tortured by his Iranian captors: "They kept calling me Mr. Bean" said the heroic young matelot who despite his courage was reduced to tears by such cruel treatment.

Seaman Batchelor was paid £50,000 for his interview and deserves every penny after the terrible time he went through.

He's now safely back home with his mummy and his teddy.

PS "James" crawl back under your rock sonnyboy, you sound like one of those New Labour Guardian reading wusses.

Tim - Is Facebook replacing or in addition to the Community Section of this site?

I don't know Keith. The Community Section has never really taken off and we'll see if the facebook group account works a little better. Thanks to the thirty folk who have joined since I posted this invitation.

I've joined up but am finding that it's not easy to find specific people within the CH group. People who don't post under their FaceBook name are even harder to find.

Adding your FaceBook URL to your comments (as I've done here) makes it easy for people to find out more about you. Editors, could we encourage this? After all, the value of FaceBook to CH will be to allow readers to get a little background on the people making comments...

Otherwise, any ideas how to relate the 250 (and growing) group members to the posts that appear here?

I'll ask Sam to reply to your comment, Mark. I'm a Facebook newbie with about 40 'friends'. Sam already has nearly 600! He understands it a little better than me.

100 more members of our Facebook account since this post of yesterday. Thanks everyone!

Good idea Mark.

Each profile has its own URL in the address bar which can be pasted into the comments form. Users will have to be logged in to access it though, and Facebook is largely a network of students.

so is Face Book a young CH affair? Presume any old bats need not bother?

"Old bats" are very welcome, Annabel!

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